Applications of 2D-LC and 2D-LC/MS for Polymer and Crop Protection Chemical Analysis
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Applications of 2D-LC and 2D-LC/MS
for Polymer and Crop Protection Chemical Analysis
Wednesday September 30th 2015
First Session: USA 9:00 am EDT, 6:00 am PDT, 14:00 BST, 15:00 CEST
Repeat Session: USA 11:00 am EDT, 8:00 am PDT, 16:00 BST, 17:00 CEST
Dr. Matthias Pursch,
Technology Associate,
Analytical Technology Center,
Dow Chemical Company
Celia Arnaud,
Senior Editor,
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The Agilent 1290 Infinity LC is one of the most powerful and adaptive ultra high-performance liquid chromatography systems on the market, offering a broad range of applications. In this webinar, Dr. Pursch from Dow Chemical, will share his experiences and describe how 2D-LC and LC/MS -- in either comprehensive or heart-cutting mode -- can be used to solve industrial problems involving complex samples using the Agilent 1290 Infinity 2D-LC Solution. The session will include topics such as:

• Correlation of molecular weight distribution with end-group distribution for polymers/oligomers

• Target analysis in complex matrices/mixtures such as insecticides analysis or trace additives in polymers

• Principles of heart-cutting, multiple heart-cutting, and comprehensive 2D-LC

• How the different modes of 2D-LC can resolve co-elution problems and provide increased resolving power


- The ultimate performance of the 2D-LC technique in terms of separation power and the information that can be produced.

- The increased confidence in data in terms of resolving hidden peaks

- The potential for throughput gains by shortening a 1D separation and then regaining lost resolution by using a second dimension.

  • • Laboratory Managers/ Directors / Supervisors in R&D, in charge of LC and LC/MS method development, as well as routine analysis for scale-up and QC.
  • • LC and LC/MS practitioners, working on the analysis of polymers, additives in polymers, pesticides and complex mixtures in general
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