Water Purification Solutions for Analytical Labs and Why It Is Not Only About Water Needs
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Water Purification Solutions or Analytical Labs and Why It Is Not Only About Water Needs
Wednesday July 9th 2014
8:00a.m.PDT / 11:00a.m.EDT / 16:00BST
Anastasia Khvataeva,
Application Scientist
EMD Millipore
Sophia Cai,
Associate Editor,
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High purity water is one of the frequently used reagents in any analytical laboratory and its quality plays critical role in successful analyses. Contamination present in regent water may strongly affect analysis by contaminating the instrument and by compromising analytical data. Ultrapure water used in the lab possesses specific characteristics that determine the maximum level of the contaminants destructive for the analytical workflow, thus the practical aspects of ultrapure water handling in the lab, its production and quality will be discussed. Also, taking into account that many laboratories work in regulated environment, modern, available solutions to comply with quality standards and regulations will be highlighted. Overall this seminar may help evaluate your current water solution and find out the best optimal solution with respect to your particular needs.


- Be able to identify water contaminants that can affect analytical experiments and learn why monitoring of water quality is important in modern analysis

- Be informed about common sources of purified water contamination and be advised how to avoid purified water degradation during its handling in the lab

- Learn how to select water purification solutions according application needs and analytical instrumentation

- Be notified about aspects regarding validation and learn modern solutions for data reporting and recording

  • Anyone who works in analytical laboratory in academia, government or industry sector and who:
  • • Is using any analytical technique or procedure that requires purified water
  • • Is working in regulated lab environment and needs to comply with quality standards and regulations
  • • Is interested to learn more about modern water purification solutions that are going beyond just water production
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