What's Next in Particle Characterization: Case Studies from Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Organizations

October 26, 2016

8:30 a.m. PDT / 11:30 a.m. EDT / 16:30 BST / 17:30 CEST

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This webinar will describe particle characterization, including particle size determination and Raman spectroscopic evaluation, from a pharmaceutical perspective. The first part of the webinar will discuss particle size analysis, including laser diffraction and image analysis by Jeff Bodycomb of HORIBA. Next, pharmaceutical applications will be discussed by Rob Lee of Particle Sciences. Case studies will include particle size determination of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in semi-solid gels, spectroscopic characterization of drug-eluting devices (i.e., intravaginal rings), and comments on method development and validation of particle size distribution measurements.

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Key Learning Objectives:


• Different methods of determining particle size distribution in semi-solids

• Review of how to set and justify particle size specifications

• Methods of evaluating APIs in semi-solids and drug-eluting devices

Who Should Attend:


• Pharmaceutical scientists

• Researchers/ R&D Mangagers

• Analytical and physicochemical characterization scientists

• Laboratory Managers / Directors / Supervisors



Jeff Bodycomb, Ph.D.,
Product Line Manager,
HORIBA Scientific
Robert W. Lee, Ph.D.,
VP, Pharmaceutical Development Services,
Particle Sciences


Alexandra Taylor
Contributing Editor,

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