Layout Test Zone
Credit: P. Ellen Grant/Boston Children’s Hospital
Kavli Lecture:
John Rogers
Green electronics guru, Illinois, Urbana- Champaign
Kavli Lecture:
Emily Weiss
Quantum dot whisperer, Northwestern

Nobel Honors

Robert Grubbs
Alan Heeger
UC Santa Barbara
John Polanyi
University of Toronto
Sir Harold Kroto
Florida State

Klyde Warren Park
Urban green space at its best: with jogging space, a botanical garden, and a playground.
Neiman Marcus Flagship Store
Dallas’s upscale answer to NYC’s iconic Macy’s. Not into shopping? The lunch is reportedly superb.
George W. Bush Presidential library & Museum
The newest Presidential library counts a piece of steel from the World Trade Center among its exhibits.
Southfork Ranch
If you’re driving to ACS Dallas, make a pit stop at this ranch, the setting of TV drama “Dallas.”