CEN Webinars: Stronger Bonds

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Proteins -
Newest Developments in Light Scattering and Related Techniques


Thursday, September 6, 2012

USA 11:00 a.m. EDT / 10:00 a.m. CDT / 8:00 a.m. PDT / 15:00 GMT


Who should attend?

• Chemists

• Research

• Scientists

• Lab Managers

• Group Leader


Dr. Mark Pothecary, Ph.D.
Product Manager
Nanometrics, Malvern

Dr. Oksana Leszczyszyn, Ph.D.
Product Technical Specialist


Stuart Borman
Senior Correspondent




This webinar will show how a variety of techniques including light scattering can provide complementary information on protein characterization. Dynamic light scattering can monitor sample stability, detect early aggregates in protein formulations and study the thermal stability of proteins. GPC with static light scattering and intrinsic viscosity can quantify the proportion of aggregates present, measure molecular weight and oligomeric state, and also study conjugation, and structural changes. In combination, and with other techniques, these can provide a wide range of information all of which is extremely useful to protein chemists.


Key Learning Objectives:

• Latest methods in protein characterization

• Biologic formulation characterization

• Complementary techniques for characterization of proteins

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