Improving Lab Productivity and Decision Making in Chemical Research
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Improving Lab Productivity and Decision Making in Chemical Research
Monday, June 2, 2014
10:00am EDT, 7:00am PDT, 15:00 BST
John C. Warner, Ph.D.,
President and Chief Technology Officerl,
Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry,
President, The Beyond Benign Foundation
Simon Coles, Ph.D.,
Senior Lecturer & Director
UK National Crystallography Service, Chemistry,
Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences
University of Southampton
Rick Mullin,
Senior Editor
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The laboratory is a critical part of the business, as it helps ensure that the manufacturing process works efficiently and that the products meet defined specifications, safety requirements and quality standards. In this C&EN Web Symposium, we explore how organized R&D can help your company maximize the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your manufacturing processes and improve product quality. Featured speakers John C. Warner, Ph.D. and Simon Coles, Ph.D. will present on their experiences in the modern chemical lab environment.

Warner is the President and Chief Technology Officer for the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, LLC, as well as the recipient of the 2014 Perkin Medal, one of the highest honors in american industrial chemistry. Cole is the Director of the National Crystallography Service and manages a laboratory in the School of Chemistry at the University Southampton, in the UK. Cole is extremely active in the development of new information technologies for recording and sharing research data. Join us for this informational web symposium to hear more about their experiences in the lab. This C&EN Web Symposium is being sponsored by STARLIMS.

  • • Lab Directors
  • • IT Directors
  • • Lab Managers
  • • QA / QC Managers
  • • Procurement Directors
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