LipidSearch – A New Solution for Untargeted Lipidomics Using High- Resolution Accurate Mass LC/MS-MS
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LipidSearch – A New Solution for Untargeted Lipidomics Using High- Resolution Accurate Mass LC/MS-MS
Thursday June 5th 2014
8:00a.m. PDT / 11:00a.m. EDT / 16:00 BST
David A. Peake, Ph.D.,
Strategic Marketing Specialist
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sophie L. Rovner,
Assistant Managing Editor,
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Lipidomics is crucial for understanding cellular physiology and pathology in humans, plants and indeed all organisms. The application of lipidomics profiling to disease phenotype analysis is a rapidly growing area in translational medical research. Identification of unique biomarkers to distinguish healthy individuals compared to those at risk for disease can profoundly impact the early detection of disease and spur the development of personalized medicine.

Liquid Chromatography—Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS) is a widely adopted technique for lipidomics analyses. However, the dearth of sophisticated software for identification and relative quantitation of lipids from biological samples remains a concern for most researchers performing untargeted lipidomics. High-resolution and accurate mass (HRAM) alone is not sufficient to identify lipids due to overlapping lipid species that differ by a double bond vs. the naturally occurring 13C isotopes. Thus, automated interpretation of MS2 or MS3 spectra are required for unambiguous identification.

In this webinar, we introduce Thermo ScientificTM LipidSearchTM Software for accurate identification of lipids and correlation of complex chromatographic data from multiple sample groups into a combined report that dramatically reduces data analysis time. The analysis of mitochondrial yeast lipids from a wild-type (WT) and CoQ knockout (KO) illustrate the ability to detect and identify isomeric lipids at the MS (sum composition) and MS2 (fatty acid) levels. Lipids that increase or decrease in the KO relative to the WT group are readily identified and relative quantification is performed in just two injections for each biological sample. The integration of HRAM methodology and LipidSearch software provides a robust and powerful workflow for untargeted lipidomics.

  • Anyone who works in academic, government or industrial labs who:
  • • Is interested in applying lipidomics to problems in agriculture, human disease, medicine or systems biology research
  • • Are currently performing MS-based targeted or untargeted lipid analysis
  • • Are currently doing proteomics and want to learn more about lipidomics

- Learn about an improved analytical strategy and workflow for LC/MS-MS lipidome analysis.

- Introduction to LipidSearch - a new software for identification of lipids from complex biological samples.

- How to apply LipidSearch to automated identification and relative quantification of lipids from yeast.

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