Optimizing the Performance of Solid Core Column Chromatography for Today and Tomorrow
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Optimizing the Performance of Solid Core Column Chromatography for Today and Tomorrow
Tuesday June 24th 2014
11:00am EDT, 8:00am PDT, 16:00 BST
Tony Edge,
R&D Principal,
Chromatography Consumables
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Mike Oliver,
Product Manager
Sample Preparation,
Chromatography Consumables
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Craig Bettenhausen,
Associate Editor
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The use of solid core technology has seen a quiet revolution in the way that chromatography has been performed in many laboratories. However, although this technology has been around for more than 40 years, it is only recently that the design and application of these types of stationary phases have been thoroughly investigated. This has led to a better understanding of how these phases work and also resulted in the design of phases aligned to the structure of the analytes being separated.

In this webinar, we will focus on ways to optimize the performance of solid core technology, paying particular attention to the range of columns that are currently available both in terms of selectivities and morphologies. Using real-life examples coupled with advanced modeling, we will provide a thorough explanation of the effects of the particle size and morphology for both small and large molecules. The goal is to shed light on the future of solid core technology, looking at the generation of unique topological structures that could have a dramatic effect on the separation of large biomolecules.


- Understanding the effect how solid core morphology can be optimized for small and large molecule analysis

- Understanding what effect particle size really has on the chromatographic performance

- An insight into new developments with solid core technology

  • • Those who want a better understanding of solid core technology.
  • • Chromatogtaphers developing separations of very complex mixtures in the 'omic' markets.
  • • Scientists working in generic high throughput laboratories in the pharmaceutical and clinical industries.
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