From Biology to Routine Measurement: New Methods and Workflows for Translational Clinical Research
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From Biology to Routine Measurement:
New Methods and Workflows for Translational Clinical Research
Wednesday September 10th 2014
8:00a.m. PDT / 11:00a.m. EDT / 16:00 BST
Mary F. Lopez,
Director, BRIMS Biomarker
Research in Mass Spectrometry
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Jeff Huber,
Associate Editor,
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Translational proteomic research encompasses the discovery of new biomarkers and their subsequent transformation into routine methods applicable in a clinical environment. Mass spectrometry (MS) has been universally applied for biomarker discovery, but only recently is becoming a fixture in clinical research labs. The rapid development of new MS technologies has accelerated the collection of high quality, deep data from complex samples but the necessary workflows for analyzing and efficiently processing these data have lagged behind the hardware improvements. Recently we have focused on integrating data from discovery and targeted quantification experiments to streamline and simplify complete translational proteomics workflows. A key component of these workflows has been the incorporation of better MS acquisition strategies and local spectral libraries, as well as the application of QC protocols for MS spectra. These improvements and the development of research software that specifically addresses translational applications will almost certainly make the complete biomarker discovery-to-routine process more rapid, efficient and robust.


- Why MS-based protein methods are needed in clinical research

- Acquiring deep discovery data from complex samples

- Translation of biomarker discovery into routine quantitative methods

  • Translational and clinical researchers who are interested in:
  • • New methods for biomarker discovery
  • • Omics, biological context and algorithmic technologies for selection of biomarker candidates
  • • Biomarker candidate selection, translation and verification
  • • How understanding disease mechanisms can help with biomarker discovery
  • • Using LC-MS in the clinical research laboratory
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