Characterizing Traditional Herbal Medicines and Herbal Supplements
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Characterizing Traditional Herbal Medicines and Herbal Supplements
Tuesday September 30th 2014
8:00a.m. PDT / 11:00a.m. EDT / 16:00 BST
Ian Acworth,
Director for Customer and Applications Support
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dave Thomas,
Product and Support Assistant Managing Editor Scientist
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sophie Rovner,
Assistant Managing Editor,
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Traditional herbal medicines (THMs) and herbal supplements, sometimes called botanicals, have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years to alleviate illness, improve physical appearance as well as to increase overall individual health. In recent years, growing concerns about these products include variation in levels of the purported natural product(s), authentication (whether the correct plant and part is used), possible adulteration and contamination.

Separation and detection of key analytes in herbals can often be challenging due to relative abundance, structural similarity to other components and the complex nature of the matrix. This webinar introduces two HPLC-based approaches for the measurement of natural products in THMs and herbal supplements. The spectro-electro array combines electrochemical and spectrophotometric detection. It is both selective and sensitive, and uses an analyte's voltammetric and spectral properties for correct identification and measurement.

Charged aerosol detection is a universal approach capable of measuring any non-volatile (and many semi-volatile) analytes and produces similar inter-analyte response independent of chemical structure. Compounds do not have to possess a chromophore or need to be ionized in order to be detected. As will be discussed, these approaches can be used in a targeted way to measure levels of specific natural products in a sample. They can also be used in a un-targeted (metabolomic) approach, where patterns of up to several hundred analytes (including knowns and unknowns) can be used to help authenticate product or identify possible adulteration. Finally, improvement in analytical throughput and analyte resolution using the new Thermo ScientificTM VanquishTM UHPLC system will be presented.


- Measure key analytes in TCMs and supplements

- Evaluate product authenticity

- Determine adulteration

- Targeted and untargeted metabolomic approaches

- Learn about two novel HPLC-based approaches: spectro-electro array detection and charged aerosol detection

  • • Pharmacognosists
  • • Food and beverage scientists
  • • Manufacturers of herbal supplements
  • • Manufacturers of traditional medicines
  • • Pharmaceutical scientists
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