Uncover and Utilize Buried Information in Your Organization with Scientific Search
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Uncover and Utilize Buried Information
in Your Organization with Scientific Search
Wednesday August 20th 2014
8:00a.m. PDT / 11:00a.m. EDT / 16:00 BST
Dr. Rolf Grigat,
Informatics Senior Product Manager
Stu Borman,
Senior Correspondent,
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Major hurdles challenge the access of relevant scientific information within a laboratory-focused organization:

• Information is captured in many non-interoperable data silos (LIMS, CDS, File Servers, Sharepoint, etc.).

• Much of the truly useful information is based on science objects (chemical structures, chromatograms, biological sequences), but searching with these is not supported throughout their storage locations.

• Captured information is widely stored in the form of written reports, which are predominantly accessible to those who were involved in their creation, but invisible to others.

Scientific Search provides an opportunity to overcome these barriers by locating information across an organization so that scientists, analysts, and engineers can better leverage the information contained within their organization's data silos to make better decisions and avoid duplicating previous work. All this requires a tool which is still simple enough to use so that everybody can use it intuitively right from the start.

This webinar will provide an overview of how scientific search technology works and demonstrate its benefits.


- How a central search solution can overcome the challenges preventing science-based organizations from accessing their accumulated knowledge.

- How Scientific Search as a technology can search across isolated information silos, perform searches based on science objects, and search within both structured and unstructured information.

- How a search tool can be powerful, fast and still simple to use, so that everybody in an organization can use it effectively with practically no training.

  • • Researchers/ R&D Managers
  • • Laboratory Managers/ Directors / Supervisors
  • • IT Managers
  • • Technology Advisors
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