The Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Explore the data.

Explore the data

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Some notes on our methods

Data appearing in C&EN's guided tour of nominations for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and accompanying database were sourced from Nobel Media's Nomination Archive. Nobel Media does not release nomination details until 50 years after a nomination was submitted. Our analysis of the nominations for chemistry includes only the first 50 years, 1901–50.

The original data were fact-checked and edited for style, and Nobel Media was consulted when data inconsistencies could not be reconciled.

The names of nominees and nominators are given as first name and last name in most cases.

Universities and other organizations are given with present-day names in most cases, and country refers to the location of a person’s affiliation at the time of nomination. In addition, state is provided for U.S. cities. All geographic information presented reflects current geopolitical names and borders.

In cases where C&EN could not confirm biographical details, the information was listed as "Unknown."

If you spot an error or can fill in unknown biographical details about a person listed in the database, please contact us:


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