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Looking for a summer listen? Check out C&EN's Bonding Time

Get to know 8 amazing chemists in this series from C&EN's podcast Stereo Chemistry

by C&EN staff
July 1, 2022 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 100, Issue 24


Bonding Time logo.

C&EN’s Bonding Time brings together sensational chemists for insightful, candid conversations guided by C&EN’s reporters. The first four episodes are available from C&EN’s podcast, Stereo Chemistry. Listen on C&EN’s website and major podcast platforms.

David Liu and Stuart Schreiber.
Credit: Beam Therapeutics (Liu)/Courtesy of Stuart Schreiber (Schreiber)/Will Ludwig/C&EN


David Liu and Stuart Schreiber

David Liu and Stuart Schreiber swap stories and insights about the field of chemical biology and their friendship, including first encounters in a college chemistry class and worldview-altering revelations. The scientists and serial entrepreneurs unpack what motivates them, how they pinpoint new subjects to explore, and how their field might solve many medical mysteries—such as what drives disease and what makes us human.


Jessica Ray and William Tarpeh

Jessica Ray and William Tarpeh.
Credit: University of Washington (Ray)/Courtesy of William Tarpeh (Tarpeh)/Will Ludwig/C&EN

How do we build water systems that are sustainable and equitable? Environmental engineers Jessica Ray and William Tarpeh lay out their visions for the future of clean water and explain how they use chemical engineering know-how to extract value from overlooked waste products. And they share their strategies for thriving as assistant professors and building support networks as Black junior faculty members.


Jose-Luis Jimenez and Kimberly Prather.
Credit: Courtesy of William Tarpeh (Tarpeh)/Mariana Pereira (Jimenez)/Erik Jepsen/University of California San Diego (Prather)/Will Ludwig/C&EN

Jose-Luis Jimenez and Kimberly Prather

As atmospheric chemists—experts in how tiny particles move in the air—Jose-Luis Jimenez and Kimberly Prather were shocked to see public health officials deny that the COVID-19 virus was spreading via airborne particles. In this in-depth interview, recorded in late 2021, the scientists contemplate their unexpected roles as prominent pandemic voices. They share the heartbreak and rewards of communicating science with the public and how they’re drawing on these experiences as they think about their future research.


Sarah Reisman & Melanie Sanford.
Credit: Lance Hayashida (Reisman)/University of Michigan(Sanford)/Will Ludwig/C&EN

Sarah Reisman and Melanie Sanford

Being a chemistry professor is a juggling act. But sometimes professors have too many balls in the air. How do they know which ones to grab and which to let drop? Organic chemists Sarah Reisman and Melanie Sanford share how they decide what projects to work on or skip, what sparks joy for them in the lab, and how they’re seeing their field evolve.


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