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Know an extraordinary young researcher who is inspiring the next generation of chemists? Submit your nomination by April 15 for the Talented 12 class of 2019:

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C&EN editorial staff produces the Talented 12 program and it is presented by Thermo Fisher Scientific, which does not influence any editorial decisions.

C&EN's Talented 12 program identifies and celebrates young chemists working in academia, industry, and government, who are just beginning to put their innovative and transformative ideas into practice.

Being recognized can serve as a launching pad for the Talented 12 to gain recognition for their ideas, find funding and collaborators, and become the leaders of the future.

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There’s a lot of talent around. Having enough role models out there to pull more people into our field is a good thing.

- Hosea Nelson, UCLA assistant professor, T12 Class of 2015

APRIL 15, 2019

When making your nomination, please consider:

AGE: Nominees should be age 42 or below and in the early stages of their career. Academic candidates should be pre-tenure, and government or industry scientists should be less than a decade out from their postdoctoral position.

DIVERSITY: We seek a diverse mix of candidates from all over the world, from different types of backgrounds, and from all the various subdisciplines of chemistry.


Join us as we reveal the Talented 12 Class of 2019!

This year's Talented 12 Symposium will be held at the upcoming fall 2019 ACS national meeting, Aug. 25–29, in San Diego. You'll meet the 2019 class as they deliver TED-style talks and share the motivation behind their research. Don't miss it.

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