ACSNOLA Meeting News

ACS Meeting News

New Orleans 2018

New Orleans hosts ACS national meeting

By Linda Wang

Council selects 2019 nominees for president-elect, raises membership fee to $175

Drug structures made public in New Orleans

By Tien Nguyen

C&EN captures the scene as 10 companies unveil potential drugs at the spring national meeting

Natural products

Copper-binding mystery solved

By Stu Borman

Protein duo gives methane-loving bacteria copper pincers they need

Energy storage

Carbon nanotube net could extend battery lifetimes

By Bethany Halford

Materials design prevents anode components from pulverizing

Food science

Zeolite filters out carcinogens from smoke flavoring

By Kerri Jansen

Besides removing harmful compounds, the filtering process also improves the smoke’s flavor

Women In Science

Symposium features powerful stories of sexual harassment

By Andrea Widener & Linda Wang

Survivors shared their experiences during session focused on confronting harassment in the scientific community

Drug Delivery

Small molecules shield mice against hearing loss

By Tien Nguyen

Using multi-tiered screen, scientists find potent compounds that fend off hearing loss induced by common cancer drug cisplatin


Catalyst makes acetic acid from methane

By Mitch Jacoby

Isolated metal ions drive coupling chemistry at low temperature

Biobased materials

New software could run the lab of the future

By Sam Lemonick

ChemOS helps chemists by letting robots perform experiments in their labs

Biobased materials

Process converts wood into a squishy sensor

By Carmen Drahl

Scalable approach may provide energy storage solutions

Analytical chemistry

Sugar is a sign of smoldering biomass fires

By Celia Henry Arnaud

Levoglucosan warns of low-temperature blaze before visible signs