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Special C&EN webinar predicting the winners

Who will win this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry? Join C&EN editors Carmen Drahl and Lauren Wolf as they host a lively discussion of their top picks for this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Special guests include organic chemist and educator Neil Garg, gene-editing guru and Talented 12 recipient Nicole Gaudelli, and origins of life explorer and Talented 12 recipient Joseph Moran.
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C&EN’s coverage of last year’s prize



C&EN reporter Stu Borman covered the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, explaining cryo-electron microscopy and the roles that Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank, and Richard Henderson played in developing the technique.
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C&EN reporter Matt Davenport broke down the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, telling the story of cryo-electron microscopy and the molecular structures it has helped uncover.
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Freelance science writer Erika Gebel Berg wrote about cryo-electron microscopy and how the up-and-coming technique is challenging the king of molecular structure determination, X-ray crystallography.
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ICYMI, From C&EN’s Archives


Special Feature: Female Chemists Passed Over For The Nobel

C&EN reporter Stu Borman reviews the women who never got their due, and why.
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Data Visualization: Past Nobel Winners

We look at the migrations of Chemistry Nobelists through their careers—from where they got their start to where they got the prize to where they spent their final days.
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Data Visualization: The Nobel Nominations

In 2014, the Nobel Foundation released never-before-seen data about the secretive nomination process for the Nobel Prize. C&EN combed through the first 50 years of nominations for the Chemistry Nobel. Take a look at the most interesting things we learned, and poke around all the data yourself.
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Data Visualization: What Kind Of Chemistry Wins The Nobel?

There are a lot of laureates. Remind yourself which chemistry subdisciplines have historically come out on top by exploring our in-depth interactive timeline.
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