Project SEED

Celebrating 50 years of Project SEED

Find out how the career paths of some past scholars have unfolded after participating in the high school summer research program.
The profile will run in the last issue of each month.
August 26, 2018
Scholarship opens door to a series of career-boosting placements and awards

By Alex Scott

July 22, 2018
From one bench to the next, Project SEED scholar Marc McKithen reflects on his career in chemistry and law

By Arminda Downey-Mavromatis

June 23, 2018
An early interest in science morphs into a career fueled by international finance and economics

By Andrea Widener

May 27, 2018
Passionate about forensic science, this chemist got the job she always wanted

By Melissa Gilden

April 22, 2018
A summer research experience put this chemist on the path to academia

By Bethany Halford

March 26, 2018
This chemical engineering graduate has spent her 15-year career at Merck

By Alexandra A. Taylor

February 26, 2018
From science fairs to summer research, this alum learned what it really meant to be a chemist

By Linda Wang

January 29, 2018
A passion for public service led to a career in international development

By Linda Wang