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Advisory Board

Chemical & Engineering News has had an advisory board since at least 1939 (Jan. 10, 1939, was the first issue in which C&EN listed an advisory board.) Over the decades, this board of distinguished people has expanded, reflecting growth in the scope and diversity of both the chemistry enterprise and C&EN's readership. C&EN's current advisory board is a diverse group with members from industry, academia, government, and other scientific organizations around the world. Advisers serve a three-year term and interact with C&EN staff to provide thoughtful advice and suggestions on how to best serve readers and the world of chemistry. Following are the current members of C&EN's advisory board.

Deborah Blum
Knight Science Journalism Program MIT

Raychelle Burks
Department of Chemistry
St. Edward’s University

Jinwoo Cheon
Center for Nanomedicine, Institute for Basic Science, and Department of Chemistry
Yonsei University

Kendrew H. Colton
Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery LLP

François-Xavier Coudert
CNRS & Chimie ParisTech

Cathleen M. Crudden
Department of Chemistry
Queen’s University

Gautam R. Desiraju
Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit
Indian Institute of Science

Paula T. Hammond
Department of Chemical Engineering
Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research

Matthew Hartings
Department of Chemistry
American University

Christopher T. Hill
School of Public Policy, Government, and International Affairs
George Mason University

Peter Nagler
International Innovation
Evonik Industries AG

Anubhav Saxena
India Technology Center
Momentive Performance Materials (India) Pvt Ltd

Dan Shine
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Michael Sofia
Arbutus Biopharma, Inc.

William B. Tolman
Department of Chemistry
University of Minnesota

James C. Tung
Lacamas Laboratories

Jill Venton
Department of Chemistry & Neuroscience Graduate Program
University of Virginia

Helma Wennemers
Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
ETH Zurich

Geofrey Wyatt
Wyatt Technology Corporation

Deqing Zhang
Director of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing