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Online Advisory Board

Chemical & Engineering News has had an advisory board for the magazine for quite some time. However, the platforms on which C&EN readers interact with our content have increased over the years, and we recognized the benefit of having a specialized group devoted to providing guidance on the digital aspects of the magazine. C&EN's online advisory board was established in July 2012. Online advisors serve one-year terms and have a diversity of professional and digital backgrounds, including bloggers, journalists, research chemists, and academics. The 2015 members of C&EN's online advisory board include the following:

Jessica Breen
UK-based science writer

Raychelle Burks
Post-doctoral Research Associate
Doane College/University of Nebraska

Michelle Francl
Chemistry Professor
Bryn Mawr College

Matthew Hartings
Assistant Chemistry Professor
American University

Mike Tarselli
Sr. Business Analyst, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

James C. Tung
Research Chemist, Lacamas Laboratories