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Jyllian N. Kemsley, Executive Editor, Policy and Content Partnerships

Jyllian N. Kemsley


Phone: 925-519-6681 (office, mobile, messaging apps)


Twitter: @jkemsley


Areas of coverage: Inorganic, physical, environmental, and biological chemistry; chemistry of current events; and laboratory safety. Manages CEN's Safety Zone blog.

Jyllian Kemsley went to Amherst College thinking that she'd become a lawyer. Some excellent teachers lured her into a chemistry major instead. After getting her B.A., she spent two years as an analytical chemist at Merck before departing the "Garden State" for the "Golden State" and graduate studies at Stanford University. As she was finishing her Ph.D., she was contemplating career options when a friend introduced her to the concept of "science writer." She retooled her skills in the science communication program at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She's been reporting for C&EN from the San Francisco Bay area since 2007.