May 7, 2012 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News

What Is Tinsel Made Of? Speaking of Chemistry Ep. 12

How is the shiny tinsel that decorates many Christmas trees made? Find out all about tinsel's chemistry history in this very special holiday episode of Speaking of Chemistry.

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May 7, 2012 Issue

Volume 90, Issue 19
May 7, 2012 Issue, Vol. 90 | Iss. 19
Armed with electronic laboratory notebooks, software suppliers launch visions of comprehensive research informatics networks
By Rick Mullin
(pp. 11-14)
Government & Policy
Plan to publicize hazard information sparks new terrorism concerns (pp. 22-24)
Science & Technology
Navy’s research to keep its fleet of mine-detecting, harbor-protecting dolphins and sea lions fit might also aid humans (pp. 30-32)
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News of the Week

A Rainbow of Lasers

Nanotechnology: Quantum dot films lase at different colors under low-energy excitation

Pfizer Settles Celebrex Lawsuit

Intellectual Property: Drug firm logs a $450 million charge

Teaching Old Drugs New Tricks

Research: NIH program aims to find new uses for promising compounds shelved by pharma

Spotting Culture Contaminants

Assay Development: Glowing protein detects mycoplasma hiding in cell culture

Bespoke Enzymes Push The Envelope

Protein Design: Highly efficient, long-lived mimics may help reveal how natural oxidases work

Strategic Biotechnology

Policy: Administration issues a blueprint for biology and biotech investment

Wacker Opens Polysilicon Plant

Business: New capacity comes on-line during difficult time for solar industry



Government & Policy

EPA studies why its cost estimates for pending regulations tend to be high
(pp. 26-27)
Plan to publicize hazard information sparks new terrorism concerns
(pp. 22-24)