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At Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), we’re committed to keeping you up to date with the chemistry news that matters most. Our reporters and editors track important research advances, business and policy trends, chemical safety practices, career guidance, and more.

We are the world's most comprehensive and authoritative news source about chemistry and related fields. Our journalists are based in Europe, the U.S., and Asia, and chemists recognize us for our breaking-news coverage and award-winning features.

C&EN has been published by the American Chemical Society since 1923. Our beloved weekly print magazine is still going strong. And you can now get our chemistry news anytime, anywhere.

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How we operate

We believe that a news organization’s credibility hinges on a clear and recognizable division between editorial content and advertising in the published product. C&EN is editorially independent from third-party advertisers and its native advertising studio, C&EN BrandLab.

C&EN is committed to making clear the source and nature of third-party content to its readers, viewers, and listeners. Editorial staff members are not involved in reporting and writing, or otherwise unduly influencing, any content produced by a third party, including that produced by C&EN’s business or sales representatives.

All sponsored content must meet specific labeling and design standards to distinguish it from editorial content. If you have questions, please contact C&EN’s editorial director, Amanda Yarnell.

C&EN is published by the American Chemical Society. C&EN’s journalism is made possible through funding from several sources: an allocation from membership dues to ACS; institutional subscriptions to C&EN Global Enterprise; commercial advertising and sponsorship; and support from the Society as part of its scholarly mission.

Views expressed in C&EN, however, do not necessarily reflect official positions of ACS unless expressly stated. For more information about ACS activities and departments, visit the ACS website,

Meet our advisory board

C&EN's advisory board is a diverse group with members from industry, academia, government, and other scientific organizations around the world. Advisory board members serve three-year terms and interact with C&EN staff to provide insight, advice, and suggestions on how to best serve readers and the world of chemistry.

Current members

Deborah Blum (Knight Science Journalism Program, MIT), Raychelle Burks (Department of Chemistry, St. Edward's University), Jinwoo Cheon (Center for Nanomedicine, Institute for Basic Science, and Department of Chemistry, Yonsei University), Kendrew H. Colton (Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery), François-Xavier Coudert (National Center for Scientific Research and Chimie ParisTech), Cathleen Crudden (Department of Chemistry, Queen's University), Gautam R. Desiraju (Solid State & Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore), Luis Carlos Diaz (Institute of Chemistry and Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Campinas), Paula T. Hammond (Department of Chemical Engineering and Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT), Matthew Hartings (Department of Chemistry, American University), Christopher Hill (Schar School of Policy & Government, George Mason University), Yan Liang (Beauty of Science), Javier García Martínez (Molecular Nanotechnology Lab and Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Alicante), Peter Nagler (Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences, A-STAR), Daniel García Rivera (Center for Natural Products Research, University of Havana), Anubhav Saxena (India Technology Center, Momentive Performance Materials), Dan Shine (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Michael Sofia (Arbutus Biopharma), William Tolman (Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota), James C. Tung (Lacamas Laboratories), Jill Venton (Department of Chemistry and Neuroscience Graduate Program, University of Virginia), Helma Wennemers (Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich), Geofrey K. Wyatt (Wyatt Technology), Deqing Zhang (Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Meet our editorial board

C&EN's editorial board, as mandated by ACS's constitution and bylaws, regularly reviews the editorial performance of C&EN. It serves as a communications link between the ACS Board of Directors and C&EN's editor and staff, as well as a bridge between ACS membership and C&EN. Its seven members include the the chair of the ACS Committee on Publications (the board's chair), the chair of the ACS Board of Directors, the president of the society, and four others appointed by the Chair of the Board and Chair of the Committee on Publications.

Committee on Publications Chair Julia Laskin (Department of Chemistry, Purdue University), ACS Board of Directors Chair John Adams (Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri, Columbia), ACS President Luis Echegoyen (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Texas-El Paso), Cynthia J. Burrows (Department of Chemistry, University of Utah), Manuel Guzman (Chemical Abstract Services, ACS), Jerzy Klosin (Dow Chemical), John Russell (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)

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