Widespread crop damage from dicamba herbicide fuels controversy

Plant scientists dispute claims by the herbicide’s manufacturers that new formulations can be used safely

To see the power of chemistry, there’s no place like home

For decades past and future, chemical innovations indelibly impact how our homes look, feel, and function.

Intense debate about chemistry preprint servers at #ACSDC

ACS meeting news: Journal editors, academics, and preprint server experts in other fields discussed the merits of publication ahead of peer review

Treated wastewater sludge still harbors antibiotic resistance genes

ACS Meeting News: Findings raise public health concerns because sludge is often spread on farmlands

Triplet diradical cyclobutadiene spotted for the first time

ACS Meeting News: Researchers use stabilizing silicon groups to tame the elusive species, a long-sought target of chemists studying chemical bonding and reaction mechanisms

Prospecting for new antimicrobial molecules in dragon’s blood

ACS meeting news: Small, positively charged peptides from alligators and Komodo dragons could inspire new ways to fight infections

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Yesterday, ACS Publications revealed—via mosaic wall—its journals’ most prolific author during 2016. Find out who it is here.


September 7: Let’s Chew the Fat with Orbitrap MS

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