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Readers are invited to submit letters to the editor to be considered for publication in our weekly magazine. We read every letter we receive, and we appreciate the views of ACS members and others who take the time to send us their thoughts. Because of the volume of letters we receive, we cannot publish every letter, and we cannot respond to the authors of letters we don’t publish. 

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Do you have information or evidence about people in industry, government, or academia doing the wrong thing? Here’s how to let us know while protecting yourself, although no system is 100% secure.

US Postal Service: One of the most secure ways to communicate is via US postal mail without a return address. You can send us paper materials or digital files on a thumb drive. You can address the package to a specific reporter or simply to Chemical & Engineering News. Preferably, drop the package into an out-of-the-way sidewalk box rather than go to a post office. C&EN’s mailing address is 1155 16th St. NW, Washington, DC 20036. Note: Materials sent via mail are taking longer than normal to reach our journalists while ACS offices are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Signal messaging app: Signal allows you to send encrypted text messages or make phone calls. Signal stores your number, but it does not store a log of your communications. You may also set it to erase messages so they no longer exist on your phone, the recipient’s phone, or in the cloud. You can also send regular texts. Reach C&EN through Signal at 925-519-6681.

ProtonMail: ProtonMail is an easy-to-use encrypted email service that encrypts messages and attachments—but not header or subject information—in transit and on ProtonMail servers. You need to sign up for your own ProtonMail account to encrypt messages you send. You can use the service through a web browser or a phone app. Go to ProtonMail's website to read more about what it does and does not encrypt. C&EN’s ProtonMail account is

PGP encryption:PGP encryption can be used with any email service. As with ProtonMail, header and subject information won't be encrypted, but message content and attachments will be. PGP keys have two parts: a public key and a secret key. You encrypt an outgoing message using the recipient's public key, then the recipient decrypts it using their secret key. Likewise, we need your public key to send an encrypted message to you, and you decrypt it using your secret key. There are several tools that you can use for PGP encryption. One is the Mailvelope browser plug-in, which works with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and

Send PGP-encrypted email to C&EN's public key is C06B D968 378F FF8E 98C8 D300 4B05 F251 DF7A 08B8.

Notes: If you want to call us or use a messaging or email app, the most secure approach is to purchase a separate prepaid phone with cash. If you prefer to email from a personal computer, take it to a public Wi-Fi network, such as one at a coffee shop. Or use a public computer in a location that you don't normally frequent.

For more information about secure online communication, check out Surveillance Self-Defense by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.