October 25, 2010 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News

American Chemical Society Appoints New Editor-In-Chief For C&EN

The American Chemical Society has appointed Bibiana Campos-Seijo as the new editor-in-chief of Chemical & Engineering News. Currently editor and publisher of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemistry World magazine, she will move to C&EN in December.

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October 25, 2010 Issue

Volume 88, Issue 43
October 25, 2010 Issue, Vol. 88 | Iss. 43
Chemistry graduate programs seek meaning in long-awaited assessment
By Carmen Drahl
(pp. 12-17)
Drug companies’ reliance on outside firms to run complex R&D programs so far seems to work (pp. 20-24)
Government & Policy
Chemical industry hopes Congressional Election will spur more bipartisan collaboration (pp. 38-41)
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News of the Week

Moon Crater's Icy Character

Astrochemistry: Lunar impactor may have struck a site of previous comet impacts

Pfizer Targets Generic Markets

Pharmaceuticals: Drug giant makes Indian supply deal and Brazilian investment

White House Hosts A Science Fair

Winners: Exhibit of student projects emphasizes importance of science education

Nanodiamond Catalyst Drives Reaction

Industrial Chemistry: Hybrid material mediates steam-free dehydrogenation

President Honors Scientists And Engineers

Awards: Winners of the National Medals of Science and of Technology & Innovation are chosen

Removing Bisphenol A

Canned Foods: Many companies plan to phase out use of chemical in product containers, survey finds

A Slowdown For Start-Ups

Venture Capital: Biotech and cleantech fundraising declined in the third quarter

Sensing Peroxide Explosives

Antiterrorism: Sensor array detects triacetone triperoxide at part-per-billion levels



Government & Policy

Efforts are under way to mitigate the risk that good life sciences research could be put to bad use
(pp. 35-37)
Chemical industry hopes Congressional Election will spur more bipartisan collaboration
(pp. 38-41)
Federal Trade Commission proposes to tighten eco-marketing guidelines


Chemistry graduate programs seek meaning in long-awaited assessment
(pp. 12-17)

Science & Technology

Advances in biocatalysis, taming hazardous reactions help improve pharmaceutical and fine chemicals production
(pp. 45-47)
Microfluidic device reveals link between glucose and patient outcome in brain injury
(pp. 48-49)
Researchers seek ways to recycle the alumina refining waste that caused catastrophe in Hungary
(pp. 50-51)