December 12, 2011 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News

What Is Tinsel Made Of? Speaking of Chemistry Ep. 12

How is the shiny tinsel that decorates many Christmas trees made? Find out all about tinsel's chemistry history in this very special holiday episode of Speaking of Chemistry.

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December 12, 2011 Issue

Volume 89, Issue 50
December 12, 2011 Issue, Vol. 89 | Iss. 50
Latest plan creates a firestorm amid hints of progress
By Britt E. Erickson
(pp. 10-14)
Science & Technology
Tackling the systemic study of metalloproteins (pp. 28-30)
ACS News
Census of ACS members showed that wages and full-time employment in the chemical profession fell again in 2010 (pp. 33-38)
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News of the Week

New Twist On Amide Activation

Chemical Synthesis: Strategically placed substituents cause bond to break

Antiregulatory Action

Congress: House passes bills to restrict federal rule-making

Merck Plans R&D Center in China

Pharmaceuticals: Beijing will be U.S. firm’s R&D headquarters in Asia

EPA Revises Boiler Regulations

Emissions: Rule now targets only the subset of industrial boilers with the highest pollution outputs

NIH Expands Genome Program

Research: Federal sequencing effort shifts funds to clinical applications

U.K. Research Gets A Shot In The Arm

Funding: British government looks to support the life sciences industry

Radical Ways To Trifluoromethylate

Medicinal Chemistry: Mild methods provide access to new pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals

Safe Fertilizer

Honeywell, J.R. Simplot join to make nitrogen-rich product with no explosive potential


Government & Policy

Forum on U.S. competitiveness highlights the need for educational partnerships
(pp. 24-25)
First 2012 spending bill shows support for R&D
(pp. 22-23)
Latest plan creates a firestorm amid hints of progress
(pp. 10-14)

Career & Employment

Chemists continue to face challenges on the employment front, but one potential solution is to accept a temporary assignment
(pp. 41-43)

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