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For District VI director: Paul W. Jagodzinski

by Paul W. Jagodzinski
September 4, 2020 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 98, Issue 34


This is a photo of Paul W. Jagodzinski.
Credit: Peter Cutts Photography
Paul W. Jagodzinski

Central Arizona Section. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Academic record: Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, BS, chemistry, 1973; Texas A&M University, PhD, physical chemistry, 1979.

Honors: ACS Fellow, 2011; Northern Arizona University Gold Axe Educator of Influence, 2014; Colorado School of Mines: Outstanding Faculty Award, Professional Asian Students Engineering Society, 2008; Alumni Association Graduate Faculty Award, 2007; Asian Student Association Outstanding Faculty Award, 2007; Minority Engineering Program Faculty Commitment Award, 2004; West Virginia University: Department of Chemistry Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award, 2004; West Virginia University, University Safety Award, 2000; West Virginia University, Department of Chemistry, Outstanding Faculty Award, 1998; Phi Lambda Upsilon.

Professional positions (for past 10 years): Northern Arizona University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, professor, 2009–, College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences, dean, 2009–19; Colorado School of Mines, professor, 2001–09, Department of Chemistry and Geochemistry head, 2001–06.

Service in ACS national offices: Board of Directors, Director, District VI, 2015–20; Councilor ex officio, 2015–20; Committee on Audits, 2018–20; Committee on Public Affairs and Public Relations, chair, 2019–20; Committee on Professional and Member Relations, 2015–17; Committee on Grants and Awards, 2015–16; Committee on Budget and Finance, 2017–20, 2004–13, committee associate, 2002–03; Committee on Meetings and Expositions, 1999–2001, consultant, 2001–06, committee associate, 1998; Women Chemists Committee, 1989–91, committee associate, 1988; Board/Council Policy Committee Task Force on Governance Design, cochair, 2016–19; Board Task Force on Board Committee Review, 2016; ACS Presidential Task Force on US Employment for Chemists, 2015–16; Board Governance Agility Framing Group, chair, 2015–16; Board Program Portfolio Management Oversight Group, 2013–14, program review team chair, 2013–14; ACS Presidential Task Force on Support to Divisions and Local Sections, 2000.

Service in ACS Offices: Physical Chemistry Division: councilor, 2008–13. Colorado Section: alternate councilor, 2005–07; chair, 2003; chair-elect, 2002. Northern West Virginia Section: councilor, 1986–2001; Nominating Committee, chair, 1985–86; chair, 1984–2015; chair-elect, 1983–84.

Member: Member of ACS since 1977. American Society for Engineering Education; Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences. ACS Divisions: American Association of Chemistry Teachers; Geochemistry and Physical Chemistry.

Related Activities: Joint ACS Board–SACNAS Task Force, 2020–; board liaison to the Petroleum Research Fund Committee, 2020–; ACS Budget and Finance Committee: Portfolio Evaluation and Optimization Subcommittee, 2020–; ACS Budget and Finance Committee: B&F Program Review Subcommittee, 2017–19, Board Task Force on Financial Goals for Meeting and Expositions, 2013, B&F Subcommittee on Financial Impacts of Constitutional Amendments, 2006–10, Chair 2007–10, B&F Advisory Subcommittee, 2007–13, B&F Program Review Advisory Group, 2006–13, chair, 2010–13, B&F Subcommittee on Program Funding Requests, 2002–06, B&F Task Force on National Meeting Finances, 2002–03; ACS Presidential Task Force on Support to Divisions & Local Sections 2000; Council for Chemical Research Communication and Public Relations Committee, chair 1999–2000; West Virginia University, assistant professor, professor, 1982–2001, department chair, 1990–2001, associate chair, 1988–90; University of Texas at Austin, research associate, 1982; Eastern Michigan University, assistant professor, 1981–82; University of Oregon, postdoctoral fellow, 1979–81.

Jagodzinski’s statement

ACS is here for your science, research, education, innovation, and support. Our members are world leaders in the creation of new knowledge and unique applications of that knowledge, in developing and delivering a world-class education for aspiring chemists, and in developing new products through the myriad of industries that employ chemists. Through its publications and through Chemical Abstracts, ACS ensures the dissemination of chemical information for the benefit of all researchers. Working with my fellow board members, councilors, and other leaders in the society I will continue to ensure that ACS and its members support the chemistry enterprise for the benefit and sustainability of Earth and all its people.

When members first join the society, they need the resources ACS provides during their early career. When members are midcareer, ACS must provide assistance in securing a new job so they can continue to work in the field that they love. When they retire and have time to contribute to the society in new and different ways, we need to have ample opportunities for them. I will work to ensure our society has an impact, when and how members need it, particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the economic downturn, and the resulting impact on job security and opportunities for chemists.

As we look to the future, we must ensure and articulate the value of ACS membership to our younger colleagues and our students. We must continue to articulate the value of membership and participation to our supervisors and employers. We must articulate our opinions and the value of our opinions to our political leaders.

I will continue to ensure that my time as a member of the Board of Directors does not focus on personal projects that disappear after I leave office, but rather on direction, tone, commitment and vision that members can embrace and view as the future of our society. We must be member focused, and we must be effective in delivering our message, efficient in our operations, and continually innovating and improving. We must build an inclusive community of members and ensure our society provides a welcoming and respectful place for its members. As I write this, our country is facing social unrest following the death of George Floyd at the hands of individuals sworn to protect him and all of us. ACS has condemned his death and the unjust deaths of countless others, and I support that stance. Now we must transform words into action for our members, for the chemistry enterprise, and for our civil society. Our society must be positioned for and work toward an inclusive future. I ask you to support me so that I can continue to serve our society as a member of the Board of Directors.

Three years ago, when I ran for re-election to the Board, I was working with a task force charged with examining the ACS governance structure, specifically what we do, how we do it, what we do well and not so well, and what modifications might be useful. We presented a well-vetted petition with suggested changes to the Council, and the petition passed with an overwhelmingly favorable vote. It is personally gratifying to be able work cooperatively and constructively with members of the council and other ACS leaders to affect change within our society, and I hope to be able to continue to have a positive impact on ACS.

It has been my honor to represent District VI, and I seek your support to continue to serve in that role as an advocate for all members and to position ACS to make strategic decisions that will allow us to pass onto our young colleagues a society as strong and stable as our predecessors passed on to us. My vision is that our members will significantly increase the local relevance of our society and fortify the global position of our society. We have made great progress, and we have more to do, but I remain dedicated to that vision. I have visited many local sections and attended many regional meetings and have witnessed the dedication of our members. I have seen firsthand what divisions do to keep us at the forefront of generating new knowledge of the highest quality. And I have seen the increasing global interest in ACS membership. As a member of the board, I will continue to support and work to enhance these efforts.

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This headline of this article was updated on Oct. 23, 2020. Paul W. Jagodzinski is running for District VI director, not District IV director.


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