C&EN talks with David Smith, supramolecular chemist and LGBTQ+ advocate

Supramolecular chemist supports LGBTQ+ scientists by talking about his personal journey

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GenX-related fluoroether taints water in wells near West Virginia Chemours plant

Granulated activated carbon filters remove HFPO-DA, U.S. EPA says

Mutated enzyme breaks down plastic more efficiently

Further engineering of PET-degrading enzyme could lead to commercial bioremediation process

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Ancient reaction inspires method for making porous catalysts

A non-toxic variation on the ‘pharaoh’s snakes’ reaction yields high-surface-area catalysts for fuel cells

Recycling renewables

Can we close the loop on old batteries, wind turbines, and solar panels to keep valuable materials out of the trash?

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Shale-based complex relying on U.S. shale gas takes shape in China

Facility would be China’s first fed exclusively by ethane

IP concerns hamper China R&D 

Survey shows most foreign firms assign a secondary role to their Chinese R&D operations