Chemists hit ‘record’ on their experiments

Using GoPros and other inexpensive cameras, researchers are documenting their experimental procedures

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Membrane knocks out antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Combining UV disinfection with a photocatalytic membrane helps to reduce the bacteria and their genes in wastewater

Study reveals structure of protein that transports body odor precursor

Follow-up studies could lead to inhibitors that block uptake, thus stopping body odor production

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Industrial Safety

Deadly blast in China highlights uneven enforcement of safety regulations

Facilities where 19 died had not been inspected or approved

Changes on tap at U.S. Chemical Safety Board

Chair departs, investigators leave, staff fears changing mission

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New variant of Parkinson’s protein goes against the grain

Short α-synuclein peptide affects uptake of dopamine rather than forming typical clumps in the brain

Pathogen recruits good bacteria on skin to initiate infections

Study shakes up scientists’ understanding of how bacterial infections develop