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Consumer Safety

FDA bans 7 synthetic food flavorings

Agency responds to evidence that chemicals can cause cancer in animals

Restrictions lowered for cannabis-derived drug

DEA reschedules Epidiolex, an FDA-approved cannabidiol treatment for rare seizure disorders

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Fluorinated coating is utterly repellent

Transparent, self-healing film fends off more than 100 liquids, including concentrated acids and low-surface-tension solvents

Stabilizing perovskite solar cells

Replacing commonly used methylammonium component with formamidinium group and metal ions leads to long lasting device

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Art & Artifacts

Mapping corrosion with hyperspectral imaging

Scientists develop a noninvasive technique to assess environmental damage to a bronze statue by Auguste Rodin

Metal secrets of CO2 -converting enzyme revealed

Studying oxygen-resistant carbon monoxide dehydrogenase could lead to carbon-capture technologies