Confronting sexual harassment in chemistry

Awareness is growing among academic departments and scientific societies about the potential damage to individuals and the discipline

Thirty years of DNA forensics: How DNA has revolutionized criminal investigations

DNA profiling methods have become faster, more sensitive, and more user-friendly since the first murderer was caught with help from genetic evidence

Metal prices challenge battery sector

European materials firms take positions as electric car adoption accelerates

Alpek cutting off M&G over unpaid bills

Alpek also doubts M&G will complete a major new plant

Forensic chemist describes the challenges of investigating a fire scene

Florida International University’s José Almirall discusses standards and tools needed to comb through fire debris for chemical evidence

Quantum computing goes beyond hydrogen and helium

IBM system calculates ground states of lithium hydride and beryllium hydride

Mother’s gut microbes could be linked to autismlike disorders in children

Presence of certain bacteria in pregnant mice lead to abnormal brain wiring and autismlike behaviors in offspring

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In the latest installment of the awards that “first make people laugh, and then make them think,” didgeridoo research wins the Peace Prize. Read on to find out why.


September 7: Let’s Chew the Fat with Orbitrap MS

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