In search of a universal flu vaccine

Making a flu vaccine that will last longer than a season is a dream scientists have been chasing for years. Here’s how they’re working to make it a reality

Your guide to the ACS national meeting in New Orleans

C&EN’s curated list of things to do, people to see, and science to learn

Endocrine disruptor assays go fast track

EPA ramps up efforts to create high-throughput approaches for screening chemical effects on hormone synthesis and receptor pathways

Looking for cheaper routes to malaria medicines

Efforts to produce low-cost synthetic artemisinin gain momentum with help from Gates Foundation

Nerve agent attack on spy used ‘Novichok’ poison

Chemical weapon used in U.K. assassination attempt was developed by Soviet Union during Cold War

Novartis, UNC study suggests mRNA structures are a common, untapped pool of drug targets

Functional mRNA structures appear to be pervasive throughout bacterial genomes, and could be important for designing small molecules that target human mRNAs too

Graphene hair dye fights unsightly flyaways

Carbon material makes nontoxic, durable hair colorant

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Periodic graphics

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning samples the ingredients and molecules that lend the cocktail flavorings their pungency.