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New Products


by Melissa Braddock
August 16, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 33

Chemicals and materials

RESINS Full range of rheological polymers is designed for use in organic media ranging from strong aromatic solvents to weak paraffin fluids. They are chemically based on modified styrene and acrylic monomers that swell to form microgels. As resin concentration increases, the microgels interact to form a thick, clear, elastic gel. Eliokem,

WATER-SOLUBLE BAGS Bio Pouch provides a delivery package for powders and nonaqueous liquids that dissolves immediately in water solutions, becoming a nontoxic solution of polyvinyl alcohol. In addition to making chemical handling safer, the bags can improve the accuracy of proper chemical dosages. Bags can be heat-sealed and labeled. Cortec,

RICIN DETECTION Purified ricin (RCA 60) toxoid is inactive while retaining most antigenicity. It is suitable for use as an immunogen or as an assay standard. Anti-ricin IgG and IgG conjugate are also available and are suitable for use in immunoassays. Toxin Technology,

SURFACE MODIFICATION Durable treatment for plastics improves adhesion of UV-curable inks, coatings, and adhesives by physically modifying the surface. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including labels, packaging, and commercial printing. Ciba Specialty Chemicals,

POLYAMIDES Technyl RTM is a line of polyamides specially designed for the rotomolding industry to combine excellent processing and mechanical qualities. The line allows production of large parts for vehicles, construction panels, and storage tanks in one of the most common engineering plastic materials. Two grades are currently available. Rhodia Engineering Plastics,

Instruments and labware

REFRACTOMETER Automatic, digital handheld unit measures a range of 0­95% brix (concentration) with an accuracy of 0.1%. An IR port allows communication of data to and from a computer. Sleep mode extends battery life. Alternative scales of measurement are available via custom programming. Kernco Instruments,

MANOMETER Handheld, microprocessor-based pressure-sensing device is accurate to 0.2% of full scale. Device measures absolute, gauge, and vacuum pressure and features an isolated sensor that can be used with liquids and corrosives. It provides a large, readable display and weighs just 14 oz. Meriam Process Technologies,

CAPILLARY COLUMNS Each column is individually tested for resolution, retention, inertness, bleed, and reproducibility. Improved upper temperature limits enhance column bake-out, reducing sample carryover and cycle times. Valco Instruments,

SAFETY GLASSES Bifocal glasses offer full protection and better close-up vision of fine detail work. Side protection is provided by the wraparound design that hugs the curve of the face. Available in strengths from 1.0 diopter to 3.0 diopter in 0.5- diopter increments. Wizard Industries,

SPECTROMETER Instrument combines acoustic and electroacoustic sensors, allowing measurement of attenuation spectra as well as colloid vibration current. Interpretation software calculates particle size distribution and zeta potential. No sample preparation is required. Dispersion Technology,

Plant materials and equipment

TURBIDITY MONITOR Optical system measures extremely low levels of turbidity through the use of a combined forward- and side-scattered light technique. Typical uses include measurement of filter performance, product purification, and contamination. Flow-through sensors can be installed easily in main pipes or in a bypass line. Mettler-Toledo Ingold, 

CONTROLLER Multichannel controller can replace up to eight panel meters, displaying all inputs on a single screen. Device is suitable for all general monitoring uses, including vibration, flow, and temperature. Wall- and panel-mount enclosures measure 8 sq inches and include four pulse and four digital inputs, nine 10-amp relays, and intuitive step-by-step programming. Precision Digital,

CO MONITOR Pocket monitor provides low-cost, lightweight measurement of carbon monoxide levels. Sensor operates for at least one year with no recharge and has both five-minute and eight-hour operating modes. Transducer Technology,

SHOWERS Recessed emergency showers and eyewashes feature brass or stainless steel construction, a maintenance-free "stay open" valve, and soft rubber eyecups. Easy to mount and install in new or retrofit applications in industrial sites, labs, and schools. Laboratory Enterprises,      

VAPORIZERS Large-scale units are designed for use in process industries that require large amounts of accurately controlled heat at high temperatures with low operating pressures. Recirculating fluids can be maintained at temperatures up to 750 °F. Gaumer Process Heaters, 

New Products is compiled by Melissa Braddock, who can be reached at



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