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New Products


by Melissa Braddock
January 26, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 4

Chemicals and materials

COATING SYSTEM Watertight polyurethane product is designed to protect high-traffic concrete, wood, and metal surfaces that need a flexible, chemical-resistant product. The coating allows the surface to adjust to changes in the temperature or humidity without cracking. Garon,

SILICONE ADHESIVE This electrically conductive and pressure-sensitive coating and adhesive exhibits high shear strength and good chemical resistance and adheres to metals, painted surfaces, and plastic films. It is flexible, fast-curable, and can be subjected to extreme conditions. Creative Materials,


MACHINABLE CERAMIC Low-expansion zirconia phosphate ceramic can be used to produce high-temperature fixtures and insulators used in brazing, heat-treating, optical, and semiconductor applications up to 1,550 °C. Available in both low (60–70%) and medium (70–80%) compositions. Aremco,

MEDIUM-CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES Substance can be substituted for mineral oil in various applications. Derived from vegetable oils and fully saturated, they exhibit excellent oxidative stability and superior organoleptic qualities. Stepan Co.,


Literature and services


CALIBRATION The 2004 edition of Transcat's Master Catalog features more than 25,000 calibrators and test instruments for electric, pressure/ flow, and temperature, as well as data acquisition equipment and telecom/datacom instruments. Transcat,

BIOCHEMICALS The latest Sigma catalog of biochemicals and reagents for life sciences research contains over 4,000 new products, as well as new applications indices. At nearly 3,000 pages, the two-year edition serves as a technical sourcebook in areas such as proteomics, cell signaling, molecular biology, protein analysis, and cell culture. Sigma-Aldrich,

THERMAL SENSING An extensive section of infrared application papers chosen from past Thermosense conferences is available on CD-ROM. The papers, dating back to 1980, are divided into two categories: predictive maintenance/thermal nondestructive testing and materials evaluation. Snell Infrared,

VIBRATION SENSORS Catalog details industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation and features products such as accelerometers, vibration transmitters, and signal conditioning equipment. IMI Sensors,


Instruments and labware

MINIATURE TEMPERATURE PROBES Featuring fast response and accuracy, these probes are designed to meet small-space requirements. A variety of lead materials and termination lengths is available. Capable of intermittent cycling at temperatures from 50 to 150 °C. Selco/ECC,


ANALYTICAL BALANCE Device permits rapid and accurate weighing by allowing air to freely pass through the slotted grid weigh pan, which is suspended from the back of the weigh chamber. Various grid attachments and pan options support virtually any weighing vessel or sample. Mettler-Toledo,

STERILIZATION SYSTEM Compact benchtop, pulsed UV light system rapidly delivers high-peak energy. Designed for starting and stopping, the benign, mercury-free system doesn't create or use VOCs or suspended airborne particulates. Xenon,

REFRIGERANT MONITORS Continuous air monitoring systems use infrared technology to measure levels of organic compounds, including HCFCs, HFCs, and other refrigerants. O. I. Analytical,


Plant materials and equipment

POCKET STROBOSCOPE Makes objects that are moving at high speeds appear to stop or move in slow motion, allowing the user to analyze the object's motion, check for cracks or damaged parts, or determine sources of unwanted vibration without having to stop the production process. It also provides precise, noncontact speed measurement between 30 and 12,000 rpm. Kernco,

RUBBER-MOLDING PRESSES New line of highly automated rubber hydraulic molding presses provides higher production rates and improves part quality. Available in models from 600 to 2,000 tons, the presses feature a fully automatic mold-handling system that opens and closes molds quickly and safely. Technical Machine Products,

REMOTE OXYGEN ANALYZER Product enables analysis of oxygen content of gas near the burners of flare-stacks. The unit consists of a paramagnetic oxygen measurement transmitter and a separate control unit capable of accepting transmissions from up to six transmitters. Servomex,

FLASH ALARM High-intensity amber flash alarm brings immediate local attention to process conditions. Flash alerts occur at one-second intervals. The polycarbonate housing is resistant to corrosive environments. Flowline,

New Products is compiled by Melissa Braddock, who can be reached at


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