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New Products

New and Notable in the Chemical Industry

by Melissa Braddock
December 13, 2004 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 82, Issue 50


Chemicals and materials

ODOR CONTROL Additive for plastic packaging, molding, and sheet applications reduces strong odors to levels below human detection. The compound, which has FDA approval for food-contact packaging, is suitable for use with any polyolefin resin and can be modified for other thermoplastics. It has high heat stability yet won't affect a film's heat-seal characteristics. Techmer PM,

ADHESIVE COATINGS Two hydrophilic heat-seal adhesives bond components and wick biological fluids in medical devices. Available with customized coat-weights on a variety of substrates, these coatings bond to a variety of polymers including polystyrene, polyester, and polycarbonate. Adhesives Research Inc.,

DIFFERENTIATED FILM FORMERS Polymers can be used by cosmetics formulators to impart a balance of adhesion, cohesion, gloss, water resistance, and film flexibility to their products. Interpolymer Corp.,

RUBBER REPAIR Tear-resistant putty can be used to repair worn conveyor belts and other equipment, coat metal splices, fill joints in concrete or metal, and form protective linings in machinery. The urethane compound bonds to rubber, metal, concrete, fiberglass, and wood; it cures to a tough, medium-hard rubber. Product is packaged in no-mess, resealable 400-mL containers. Devcon,

PROTECTIVE OVERBRAID Polypropylene covering for fluoropolymer tubing offers protection from heat to both handlers and equipment. The material is flexible, abrasion resistant, and UV stabilized. It offers a full vacuum rating and increased pressure capabilities. AdvantaPure,

Instruments and labware

FLASH CHROMATOGRAPHY This fully automated platform is designed to minimize setup time and maximize purification results by integrating pump, column, detector, collector, and controls into one package that fits within tight fume hoods. A built-in computer with touch screen provides a flexible programming template for method development, execution, and archiving. Analogix,

MICROSCOPE Ergonomic design adapts to the user for faster work and more reliable results without muscular tension or eyestrain. Eyetubes can be individually adjustable or have a set viewing angle of 15°. Height adjustment of the focus controls allows optimal positioning for any hand size. Leica Microsystems,

LIGHT SOURCE A fiber-optics setup collects the combined flux of deuterium and tungsten sources. Control over output is achieved by varying the intensity of the tungsten source, turning the individual sources on and off, and introducing up to four filters into the optical path. Applied Analytics Inc.,

ELECTRONIC PIPETTE New tip-cone design ensures low-force tip release with nearly all standard tips. Available in three volume ranges for accurate dispensing from 2 to 1,000 mL. BrandTech Scientific,

PETRI DISH RACK Unit securely holds up to 42 dishes with lids for carrying, incubating, or benchtop processing. Up to four loaded racks can be safely stacked together and interlocked. Access slots under the bottom dish allow easy removal of a stack. All parts are molded of white polypropylene and are steam autoclavable. Bel-Art Products,

Plant materials and equipment

GAS ANALYZER Device measures oxygen content in pharmaceutical and medical packages. It requires calibration only once per year and includes a complete self-diagnostic program. Diverse package sizes and shapes are not limiting factors. Up to 2,400 test results can be logged, sorted, and printed. PBI Dansensor,

STRAINER All-plastic basket strainer protects system components from damage by particulate matter. Particles are removed as the process media pass through a perforated or mesh-lined basket within the strainer body. Venting and draining are accomplished through two hand-removable threaded plugs. The spin-off cover has two angled handles. Hayward Industrial Products,

DIAL BAROMETER Triple scales provide a sensitive measure of atmospheric pressure in millibars, inches of mercury, and millimeters of mercury. Device is housed in a rugged corrosion-proof nickel-chrome case and comes with an altitude adjustment screw, notched desk stand, and wall mount. Control Co.,

BAG DUMP STATION As material is unloaded, a fan draws dust-laden air away from the operator, helping to keep the plant environment clean. Dust is routed to the continuous reverse cartridge filters. A modular design allows for the introduction of material into a vacuum or pressure system, or directly to a conveyor or mixer. Premier Pneumatics,

HEAT EXCHANGERS Series of liquid-to-liquid exchangers uses an efficient counterflow design that includes an enhanced heat-exchange surface. Standard copper connections are directly compatible with site piping, and the compact design allows fast installation. Units are available in sizes from 50,000 to 600,000 Btu in either single or vented double-wall construction. Doucette Industries,

New Products is written by Melissa Braddock , who can be reached at



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