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New Products


by Melissa Braddock
May 16, 2005 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 83, Issue 20

Chemicals and materials

URETHANE FOAM Products include a mechanically mixed, microcellular foam with a uniform, mostly open, cell structure and a chemically blown cellular foam with a closed cell structure. Both can be made conductive for electrostatic-dissipation use in high-speed applications. Mearthane Products,

PROTOTYPING Blend of polycarbonate and ABS plastic combines these materials' strength and flexibility for use in rapid-prototyping and rapid-production systems. A water-soluble support material permits hands-free removal and shortens the modeling process. Stratasys,

FLAME RETARDANT Colorless, nonhalogenated masterbatch doesn't degrade the color of finished films. Product is suitable for most applications using polyester resin at processing temperatures up to 545 °F. A technical guide provides information on suggested loadings to comply with various flammability standards. Techmer PM,

ANTIBODY M30 CytoDeath recognizes human, mouse, rat, and rabbit CK18NE and provides a sustained signal from cells at all stages of apoptosis. It is supplied in a liquid format with a simple staining protocol. Axxora,

Literature and services

LABWARE Catalog offers more than 2,500 items designed for genomic, molecular biology, cell culture, and immunological research, with complete product descriptions, as well as use and care information. Nunc,

CHEMICALS This 1,530-page catalog of research and building-block chemicals contains more than 15,000 items. Several thousand new products have been added to this edition, which is available in book form or on CD-ROM. Featured products include boronic acids, fluorine compounds, sulfonyl chlorides, pyrimidines, and indoles. Matrix Scientific,

Instruments and labware

FILTER PLATES Available with glass fiber or phosphocellulose paper, these 384-well plates are designed for high-throughput bioassays, including receptor-ligand binding and enzyme assays. Assays can be performed directly in the filter plates to conserve reagents and reduce radioactive waste. Millipore,

DISTILLATION Wiped-film still safely and efficiently separates extremely heat sensitive materials. Short residence times and high-vacuum operation provide high quality with low degradation. Design allows configuration for molecular (short-path) distillation or fractional distillation. Researchers have a choice of glass, Hastelloy, or other materials. Pope Scientific,

SYRINGE PUMP Remote-operated, MRI-compatible syringe pump is suitable for drug delivery and tracer studies. Device accepts syringes from 0.5 µL to 140 mL, allowing flow rates from 0.002 µL per hour to 55.1 mL per minute. Features include programmability, pulseless flow, and high linear force. Harvard Apparatus,

FLASH UNIT Pulsed xenon light source is designed for the photolysis of caged compounds in the specimen plane of a microscope. Unit produces up to 220 J per pulse with a 0.2- to 8.0-Hz repetition rate and can be triggered externally or manually. Applied Scientific Instrumentation,

TITRATOR Volumetric Karl Fischer titrator precisely measures moisture content in solid, liquid, and gas samples. Features include six calculation modes, instant recall of data for up to 20 samples, a built-in detector, and direct key access. JM Science,

Plant materials and equipment

GAS MONITOR Compact, easy-to-install device detects ammonia leaks from refrigeration systems. Available in four detection sensitivity ranges, it detects concentrations as low as 5 ppm at operating temperatures from -40 to +140 °F without drift due to temperature or humidity. PureAire Monitoring Systems,

GASOLINE ANALYSIS Unit provides a complete identification and quantification of all hydrocarbon types in 75 minutes. Intuitive user interface includes an integrated diagnostic tool and an analysis simulation program. Software is compatible with various chromatographic data systems. AC Analytical Controls,

MOISTURE EXCHANGERS Designed for humidifying or drying industrial gas samples, exchangers can quickly bring the humidity of a gas into equilibrium with the ambient air. Extremely corrosion resistant, with no moving parts, they work continuously without removing analyte gases or slowing response times of analyzers. Perma Pure,

EXTRUDER Single-screw thermoplastic extruder features compatibility with screws from other manufa cturers and amp meters in each heating zone. Hopper gate eliminates spillage during shutdown or changeover. Diamond America,

FLUID-BED DRYER Device uses a constant flow of warm air to keep particles agitated and separated, preventing localized overheating and agglomerations. Several options in drying containers and exhaust filtering systems allow use in a range of applications, including pharmaceuticals, coal, fertilizers, plastics, and waste. Retsch,

New Products is written by Melissa Braddock, who can be reached at




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