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New Products

New and notable in the chemical industry

by Melissa Kuhnell
June 26, 2006 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 84, Issue 26

Chemicals and materials

POLYMER COATINGS Vicote coatings can be used in automotive, industrial, and cookware applications to provide products with improved resistance to scratch, wear, heat, and chemicals. The thermoplastic coating can be applied as a very thin layer without the need for a primer. Available in powder or dispersion form. Victrex,

GLASS Duraglass 7100, a borosilicate glass featuring long life and enhanced durability, is available for users of glass-lined equipment. Inert and resistant to chemicals and abrasion, it can be applied to reactors, vessels, accessories, pipes, and fittings. Southern Glasslined Equipment,

MEDIA ProSep affinity chromatography media are designed for the purification of antibodies and other proteins and nucleic acids. Porous glass provides the support, permeated by interconnecting pores of uniform and controlled size. Features include chemical and mechanical stability over a range of conditions, including low pH and exposure to detergents and many organic solvents. Millipore,

NANOFILTRATION Spirapro spiral nanofiltration elements are suitable for a wide variety of pharmaceutical selective-rejection applications, including concentration of organics and desalting. The polyamide thin-film-composite membrane has a molecular weight cutoff to allow the passage of monovalent salts while retaining divalent salts, proteins, and sugars. Koch Membrane Systems,

Literature and services

ORGANICS "Acros Organics Reference Handbook" highlights custom and off-the-shelf organic compounds and fine chemicals. Features include enlarged font size, more building block structures, and detailed technical information for popular reagents. Fisher Biosciences,

CHEMICAL CATALOG The 2006-07 "All-in-One Catalog of Research Chemicals, Metals, and Materials" is available in a CD version that includes standard reference information, application notes, safety information, and pricing. Included search software allows users to draw a molecule and find all matching products. Alfa Aesar,

Instruments and labware

COLUMNS Line of chiral chromatography columns is manufactured and tested specifically for supercritical fluid chromatography use. Available in a range of sizes from 4.6 x 100 mm through 5 x 25 cm, columns are packed with 5-??m particles. A matching set of columns for each stationary phase is available. Chiral Technologies,

SPECTROMETRY Series of single-quadrupole mass spectrometry instruments have a footprint 40% smaller than their predecessors'. The 6140 Single Quad delivers a scanning speed of 10,000 amu/second. The 6130 Single Quad features 1-pg sensitivity and multisignal capability. And the 6120 Single Quad offers 10-pg sensitivity and positive/negative switching capability. Agilent Technologies,

GAS BLENDING AutoBlend Complex-Mixtures Generator uses permeation tubes and computerized controls to create trace-concentration gas mixtures of up to 48 compounds. Component concentrations can be varied independently. Mixtures can be dry or humidified and can be delivered at up to 20 psig pressure. Kin-Tek Laboratories,

BAROMETER The Traceable Workstation Digital Barometer measures atmospheric pressure, graphically displays the barometric trend, and reports temperature and time. Suitable for recording ambient laboratory conditions or monitoring conditions that affect sample analysis. Accuracy is –0.09 inches of mercury. Altitude compensation can be adjusted from -300 to 1,200 meters. Temperture range is 15 to 158°F. Control Co.,

Plant materials and equipment

AIR QUALITY DirectSense-IAQW monitoring kit measures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature, and relative humidity. Optional photo-ionization sensor measures volatile organic compounds. Probe uses Bluetooth wireless technology and has a range of up to 30 feet from a computer. GrayWolf Sensing Solution,

BELLOWS Gortite fluoropolymer bellows are chemical resistant and can be used as covers and connectors in harsh chemical environments. With thermally sealed construction, these bellows are air- and liquid-tight. Round, square, and rectangular shapes can be manufactured with little or no tooling charge. A&A Manufacturing,

AMPULE SEALER Ampulmatic automatic ampule sealer can process up to 40 glass ampules per minute. Device automatically produces a hemispherical flame seal using technical-grade oxygen and natural gas or propane. With an optional inert gas injection system, it may also be used to store more sensitive, oxidizable materials. Bioscience Inc.,


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