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New Products

New and notable in the chemical industry

by Melissa Kuhnell
August 28, 2006 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 84, Issue 35

Chemicals and materials


LUBRICANT Emralon TM-008 water-based fluoropolymer lubricant coating can be applied by spray or dip-spin process. Features include resistance to solvents and corrosion, noise suppression, a low coefficient of friction, and a satiny finish. Acheson Colloids,

FURAN DERIVATIVES Line of furan-based synthons can be used in organic and polymer synthesis applications in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and organic intermediates industries. Derivatives include third-position-substituted and disubstituted furans, as well as unique boronic acid or halogen-functionalized furan building blocks appropriate for use in carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions catalyzed by palladium. Polysciences, www.poly

ACRYLIC COATING Organic, UV-resistant, water-based coating provides long-term corrosion protection for equipment and structures. VpCI-386 is appropriate for direct application to metal and forms a fast-drying thixotropic coating that resists sagging, running, and cracking. Cortec,

HEAT-CONDUCTIVE PUTTY Thermatrace TC significantly increases heat transference between surfaces and reduces hot spots. It can be used across a broad temperature range, from -121 to 954 oC. The cured compound is water resistant and unaffected by oils and organic solvents; it produces no toxic gases. Dylon Industries,

Literature and services

SAMPLE PREP Analytical Sample Preparation Catalog for researchers working on bioanalytical, forensic, environmental, and agrochemical applications includes products for solid-phase extraction, sample preparation, protein precipitation, supported liquid extraction, and sample processing. Products include a variety of quality sorbent and format options to deliver high analyte recoveries and extract purity. Biotage,

CHEMICAL CATALOG Updated 2006-08 laboratory products catalog features a comprehensive listing of chemicals, laboratory supplies, and equipment from over 200 manufacturers. The 2,000-page catalog has been reconfigured for ease of use, and chemical listings have been expanded. Products include laboratory reagents, biochemicals, nutraceuticals, organic chemicals and intermediates, deuterated compounds, and microbiological media. Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products, www.spectrum

Instruments and labware

PHOTOSTABILITY CABINET The MB87X uses quinine chemical actinometry to measure light exposure and never needs recalibration or requalification. It features a large bench-top, solid metal construction, and fan-driven air circulation. Applications include photostability studies for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and nutritional supplements. Nilsen Consulting,

SPIN-COATING SYSTEM Eco Chemie Autolab Spincoater can create biological self-assembled monolayers, as well as uniform layers of polymers and metal oxides on a substrate. Affordable tabletop system permits manual control of rotation speed from 100 to 10,000 rpm in steps of 100 rpm. The speed controller can accept an external input for programmable speed control, allowing multistage spinning. Standard disk size is 25 mm; other disk sizes and options for automated dispensing are available. Brinkmann Instruments,

VISCOMETER Automated relative viscometer system determines relative, intrinsic, inherent, specific, and absolute viscosities, as well as molecular weight. The dual-capillary system is specifically designed for dilute polymer solutions and is faster and more accurate than conventional glass-tube systems. An autosampler and software for the acquisition, processing, and reporting of data are included. Viscotek,

WATER PURIFICATION Elix Clinical System with Biopak filter removes alkaline phosphatase that can cause background interference in immunoassays. Ultrapurification system combines prefiltration, softening, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, polishing, and microfiltration to provide both Type I and II water. Millipore,

FLUID-BED DRIER Rapid Dryer TG 200 uses a constant flow of warm air to keep particles agitated and separate, resulting in rapid and uniform drying. Unit features digital controls for time, temperature, and air flow; a quick-release cover; and drying containers ranging from 0.3 to 6 L. Retsch,

Plant materials and equipment

OIL ANALYZER Compact OCMA-350 Oil Content Analyzer measures the level of oil in water or soil for environmental applications, checks for residual oil on semiconductor parts, and measures oil on any industrial surface. Data evaluation function analyzes the readings, determines when the value has stabilized, and displays that value along with the time and date. Horiba Instruments,

RADIATION IDENTIFIER Handheld device is designed to detect potentially dangerous radiation sources and differentiate those that are harmless. The Detective-EX-100 uses a high-purity germanium crystal as the gamma-ray detector, which can detect even small sources surrounded by shielding. A moderated neutron detector provides confirmation when uranium or plutonium is present. Ortec,


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