Plumbing The Mystery Of Cigar Breath | September 11, 2006 Issue - Vol. 84 Issue 38 | Chemical & Engineering News
Volume 84 Issue 38 | p. 93
Issue Date: September 11, 2006

Plumbing The Mystery Of Cigar Breath

Identification of strongest-smelling compounds could lead to breath fresheners
Department: ACS News

The breath of a cigar smoker isn't exactly sweet. The odor can range from a musty smell to something akin to burning yard waste. Chemists have now identified the strongest-smelling compounds in cigar-smokers' breath in the hopes of developing breath fresheners to neutralize these odors.

Russell A. Bazemore, an analytical chemist and odor scientist with Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. in Chicago, enjoys a good cigar but hates the "after aroma" that can linger for . . .

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