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Volume 85 Issue 19 | p. 8 | Letters
Issue Date: May 7, 2007

Sugary Carbene

Department: Letters

I read with great interest C&EN's short article about a "sugar-coated carbene that was described in Organometallics" (C&EN, Feb. 26, page 46).

While the authors never mention the term "sugar-coated carbene" and use "sugar-incorporated carbene" instead, the term sugar-coated carbene was first used by Murray Rosenberg and me (Adv. Carbene Chem. 1998, 2, 29) and later more prominently by me and other coauthors (Tetrahedron Lett. 2000, 41, 5663). Our carbenes are actually completely covered by a sugary coating, as is evident from a single-crystal X-ray diffraction of an aziadamantane β-cyclodextrin complex—that is, a "sugar-coated carbene precursor."

Udo H. Brinker

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