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New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry

July 23, 2007 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 85, Issue 30

Chemicals and materials

OPTICAL COATINGS Specialized thin-film coatings are designed for high performance in the 3-5-??m and 8-12-??m infrared spectral regions. Available coatings include antireflection, high-reflection, beam-splitter, and band-pass filters. The coatings can be applied to a range of substrates including sapphire, silicon, germanium, assorted metals and ceramics, and some types of glass. Deposition Sciences,

PROTEIN EXTRACTION Used to extract proteins for SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, the Total Protein Extraction Kit features a universal lysis buffer to solubilize total proteins from animal tissues, plant tissues, yeast, or bacterial samples. A two-component protocol eliminates clump formation, protein loss, and other problems. G-Biosciences,

DESICCANTS Designed to keep medical and pharmaceutical products dry during assembly, shipping, and storage, Sphinx Desiccant Packets are capable of absorbing up to three times their weight in moisture. They are available in continuous-strip form in sizes from 0.25 g to 5 lb. Sphinx Adsorbants,

POLYMER ADDITIVE Low Polarity Polymer Modifier RX-13804 provides elastomeric compatibility for various thermoplastic olefins and thermoplastic elastomers. Use of RX-13804 results in better low-temperature properties and improved feel and handling. This modifier has low volatility and can be processed over a wide range of temperatures. Hallstar,

Instruments and labware

(1) VACUUM STORAGE The Desi-Vac plastic container with vacuum pump is suitable for drying, preserving, and shipping samples. An O-ring-sealed cover maintains the vacuum until a release button on the lid is pushed to allow air inside. An indicator confirms interior vacuum, and a dial hydrometer displays relative humidity with a resolution of 2%. Control Co.,

SCALE The Valor 1000 Compact Precision Scale allows users to compare the weight of a sample against a reference weight using the included check-weighing software. This allows for quick portioning and checking of multiple sample weights against a target, as well as quick preparation of multiple samples of the same size. Unit also features a large, removable stainless steel pan and an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen. Ohaus,

(2) SYNTHESIZER The PLS Organic Synthesizer can perform up to 24 reactions simultaneously and accommodates a wide selection of glass solution-phase reactors and Teflon solid-phase reactors. Features include powerful variable-speed vortex mixing and the capacity to be adapted for operation at temperatures up to 150 oC and as low as -80 oC. Activotec,

(3) MASS SPECTROMETER The LCQ Fleet ion-trap mass spectrometer provides a fast cycle time, excellent spectral quality, and intelligent data-dependent acquisition technology that enables rapid compound screening for maximum structural information. The scanning capability of the instrument resolves co-eluting peptides often present in complex protein digests. Thermo Fisher Scientific,

Plant materials and equipment

SIEVE By combining powder screening and positive-pressure conveying, the Blow Thru Sieve can achieve throughput rates of up to 60,000 lb/hour. Unit helps to ensure that incoming and outgoing products on pneumatic conveying lines are free of contaminants by enabling processors to screen and transfer material simultaneously and to remove oversize contamination from powders during the dilute phase. Russell Finex,

OIL ANALYSIS A combination of Real-Time Oil Analysis & Reporting Software and diamond-based Mobility FT-IR spectrometers provides users of mining equipment and power stations with accurate real-time information about the condition of lubricating fluids. The unit tracks key indicators, including levels of water, soot, glycol, oxidation, sulfation, oxidation, and nitration, informs users of analysis results and trends, and makes recommendations. A2 Technologies,

FUEL TRACKING Gel-based ReaX beads encapsulate in a single dose all the TraceTag reagents required to allow untrained operators to set up polymerase chain reactions in the field. By adding covert DNA markers to petroleum products, this product provides a state-of-the art fuel marking and verification system. Custom ReaX beads can be manufactured with the primers of choice, any preferred Taq polymerase, and the desired fluorescent chemistry. Q Chip,

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