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Volume 86 Issue 31 | p. 4 | Letters
Issue Date: August 4, 2008

Accommodating Art

Department: Letters

Rudy Baum’s editorial review of Bill Green’s book, “Water, Ice and Stone,” is commendable on two counts (C&EN, June 30, page 5).

First, the selected quotations by which readers are introduced to the author seem well forged, combining science and the classic art of English usage. They are both gripping and graceful.

Second, Baum emphasizes the historic need of accommodating art in science. As he has referred to C. P. Snow in the past, Baum returns his readers to thoughts that unite rather than divide the academy. What Plato established in his first academy was a balance that may now be eluding contemporary academicians. Being clear about what we know, what we believe we know, and what we perceive (epistemology) is important to both science and the arts.

If there ever was a time when transparent human communication was needed, it is today.

George Anderson
Falcon Heights, Minn.

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