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Volume 86 Issue 32 | p. 43
Issue Date: August 11, 2008

Digital Briefs

New Software and Websites for the Chemical Enterprise
Department: Science & Technology

Websites is a new Web portal for manufacturers that require service and support in chemical reactions commonly used in the production of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, industrial products, and higher value chemicals. The site makes otherwise unavailable information available for public consumption. It offers manufacturers access to a variety of potential partners for support and project collaboration on acetylation reactions, coupling reactions, cryogenic reactions, and nearly 200 other process chemical reactions. The site aims to extend the reach of trade-show exhibitors beyond the confines of the event arena and is available to those who do not attend the annual Informex event, whose organizers sponsor both the conference and the website. Features of the website include a search engine built to allow users to find the companies focused on specific chemical reactions, drop-down boxes, and the Encyclopedia of Custom Chemical Manufacturing. is free and accessible from any Web-enabled device, and it does not require users to register. Informex,

Spectroscopy TV is a new line of video tutorials launched as a learning companion to a range of spectrometers and spectroscopy software. The tutorials are designed to help set up, calibrate, and use spectrometers in a variety of applications. The topics of the videos include wavelength calibration and absorbance spectrophotometry. Episodes are also produced to demonstrate company-specific spectroscopy software and optical oxygen sensors. The videos are embedded in the site and require no downloads or extra viewing capabilities; they are also published on YouTube. All videos have a running time of 10 minutes or less, with most under five. The free videos are limited in number, and the company encourages submission of suggestions for future videos. Spectroscopy TV is accessible from any Web-enabled device and does not require users to register. Ocean Optics,


Mnova is a software package for the processing, analysis, visualization, prediction, and reporting of NMR data. The software uses a PowerPoint-like user interface for simple and efficient work with NMR data. Features include automated file opening, data processing, analysis, and reporting for 1-D and 2-D NMR. The software utilizes multiple formats and capabilities supporting graphics, 10 different NMR file formats and exporting, as well as OLE/COM integration with MS Office and electronic laboratory notebooks. Mnova is for use by both analytical and organic chemists, and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Mestrelab Research,

AutoQuant Pro is a new quantitative analysis program for analyzing gas phase mixtures in real time. The program provides a comfortable user interface for operating a MIDAC FTIR analyzer, defining analytical methods for computing concentrations of compounds and automating data collection for multiple sample stream installations. The program uses a multivariate algorithm created through work with scientists at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Quantitative results, concentration versus time plots, and spectra can be displayed and updated in real time for continuous monitoring applications. Multilevel alarms and output of concentration levels to external analog devices are also features. In addition, spectra and quantitative results may be archived and exported to any spreadsheet program. Dynamic data exchange capabilities also allow interfacing with other software packages or custom programs. Spectral files collected in AutoQuant Pro are compatible with Galactic Industries’ Grams/32-AI file format. The software package is based on a visual basic platform that incorporates C++ dynamic link libraries for high-speed execution of most arithmetic and collect functions. AutoQuant Pro is compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP. MIDAC,


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