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New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry

by Kenneth Moore
September 8, 2008 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 86, Issue 36

Chemicals & Materials

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Fluorosilicones FS3-3730, a fluorosilicone adhesive/sealant, and FS-3780, a fluorosilicone high-consistency rubber, are designed for aviation applications. FS3-3730 is fast curing, vulcanizes at room temperature, and seals and bonds without a primer. FS-3780 is used for transfer or compression-molded parts such as gaskets and seals and requires a catalyst and heat to cure. Both compounds are designed to withstand exposure to fuels; FS-3780 can also withstand extreme temperatures. NuSil,

DNA Extraction An extraction kit for DNA isolation and purification, the DNAdvance System is intended for use with mammalian tissue samples. Beckman Coulter, www.

Wood Coatings Acronal DS 6276X and DS 6277X are coatings for treating outdoor wood and windows. Both offer protection against water penetration. DS 6276X is a fine-sized, self-cross-linking pure acrylate dispersion. DS 6277X acts as an elastifier when added to harder coatings, helping to prevent weather-related cracking. BASF, www.basf. com

Iron Detection WaterWorks Total Iron test offers visual detection of ferric and ferrous iron in drinking water samples. Iron concentrations of 0, 0.3, 0.5, 1, 3, and 5 ppm can be determined by matching test colors to the color chart card. Industrial Test Systems,

Instruments & Labware

Cell Imaging An image-based system to visualize cellular assays and analyze images, Cellavista combines both bright-field and fluorescent microscopy. For assays such as single-cell cloning, cell nuclei count and characterization, microplate quality control, and fluorescent protein expression, Cellavista can image and analyze 96-well microplates, microscope slides, chamber slides, or culture dishes and may be automated with robotic plate loaders. innovatis,

Credit: Polymer ChAR
Credit: Polymer ChAR

Chromatograph CFC is a fully automated cross-fractionation chromatograph that analyzes polymers and determines the molecular weight distribution of each fraction with an infrared detector. The unit can analyze five consecutive samples automatically. Polymer ChAR,

Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific

CO2 Incubators The HERAcell i Series cell-culture CO2 incubators have segmented inner doors for selective access, 150- or 240-L capacity, and optional oxygen control for hypoxic or hyperoxic conditions. An overnight moist-heat decontamination process and an optional copper antimicrobial interior help minimize contamination. Thermo Fisher Scientific,

Leaf Cutter The ATTA Leaf Cutter is a high-throughput system for agrochemical and other research that automates grain leaf sample preparation, cutting leaves into 6-mm segments that are transferred onto 96-well test plates with a robotic arm. MatriCal, com

Water Sorption A dynamic gravimetric water sorption analyzer, the DVS Intrinsic accommodates samples with a mass of 1 mg to 4 g and up to 40-mm wide and detects changes in a sample mass of 0.1 μg. The analyzer has a temperature range from 20 to 40 °C, with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C, and a humidity range from 0 to 98%, with an accuracy of ±1%. Surface Measurement Systems,

Literature & Services

Repair Service Perma Pure offers a dedicated in-house and on-site service department that provides warranty repairs, rework, and a call center for troubleshooting for all Perma Pure gas-conditioning products. Perma Pure,

Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Credit: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Static Safety The 2008 edition of "Grounding & Bonding Applications: Controlling Static Electricity in Hazardous Areas" details sources, hazards, and methods of control of static electricity. It also includes a maintenance guide, a safety checklist, and a list of available equipment to aid static control. Newson Gale,

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