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Analytical Chemistry

New Products

New And Notable In The Chemical Industry

by Kenneth Moore
February 9, 2009 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 87, Issue 6

Chemicals and Materials

Tissue Sampling The PAXgene Tissue System fixes, stabilizes, and purifies tissue samples for histology, immunohistochemistry, and RNA, microRNA, and DNA analyses, allowing morphology and molecular testing from a single tissue sample. The tissue container is prefilled with two reagents that fix and stabilize the sample for storage or transport. PreAnalytiX,

Resin The Ebecryl 3300 resin is a new UV epoxy acrylate for use in clear and pigmented coatings for metal pipe, tubing, and other industrial metal products. Cytec Industries,

Membrane Dyes CellVue Dye kits contain 1-mM stock solutions of fluorescent dyes and cell-labeling diluents for use in labeling lipid regions of live cell membranes. The labeled cells can be used for fluorescent antibody techniques, in cell tracking and proliferation studies, and in flow cytometers or in vivo imaging equipment. Molecular Targeting Technologies,

Polymer Standard The polysterene absolute molecular mass distribution standard, Standard Reference Material 2881, is available in 0.3-g units and can help calibrate chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments and detect measurement artifacts. National Institute of Standards & Technology,

Instruments and Labware

HPLC The ExpressHT-Ultra high-performance liquid chromatograph (above) is for small-molecule analysis in pharmacokinetic and drug metabolism studies. The system has a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi, flow rates from nanoliters per minute to hundreds of microliters per minute, columns up to 1-mm diameter, and cycle times as short as

Dispenser A device that dispenses up to 16 different substances in parallel into 96-, 384-, or 1,536-well plates, the sciSwifter uses disposable storage and dispensing cartridges to dispense reagents in volumes from 100 pL to 100 µL. Each nozzle has on-line drop control. The unit has two cameras to determine volume dispensed. It has touch-screen controls and can be integrated into automated systems. Scienion,; Matrical Bioscience,

Shakers The MaxQ 8000 series of stackable orbital shakers have built-in HEPA filters to minimize cross-contamination. The unit displays the run points and set points for temperature, speed, and time for run-cycle monitoring. Thermo Fisher Scientific,

Crystallization To study chemical processes, crystallization processes, polymorph conversions, or salt or cocrystal formation, the Crystalline line of systems offers in situ analysis on a milliliter scale through cameras, particle analysis software, and real-time Raman spectroscopy. Each system has eight individually controlled reactors with temperature ranges from ???25 to 180 ºC. The reaction vessels have overhead stirring bars. Avantium Technologies,

Literature & Services

Piezoresponse A 24-page monograph explains the theory, function, and applications of piezoresponse force microscopy. PFM is used for nanoscale imaging, spectroscopy, and manipulation of electromechanically active nanoscale materials. The monograph is available at Asylum Research,

Catalog The MicroFluidics catalog offers products for clinical diagnostics, life sciences, laboratory research, automated analytics, intensive care technology, medical instruments, and industrial applications. Burkert,

Drug Analyses The "Improved Methods for Forensics Toxicology Analysis" handbook details product offerings for chromatographic and spectrometric analyses of blood-alcohol level and drugs such as PCP, methadone, and cocaine. The handbook is available at Phenomenex,

Thermal Services Mettler Toledo is offering a team of factory-trained engineers and administration staff for after-sales care of its thermal analysis systems. The engineers can provide on-site diagnoses and repairs for customers worldwide. Mettler Toledo,

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