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Issue Date: December 20, 2010

Politics In C&EN

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In the article “Fighting Back for Academic Freedom,” I find a surprising indication of political bias (C&EN, Nov. 1, page 22). What is the message intended by the symbol “(R)” after the name of Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli? I do not see a similar (D), (I), (L), or (R) after any of the other people named in the article, but surely some of them have a political affiliation of some kind. The implication seems to be that Cuccinelli is representing the Republican Party in his crusade that is being resisted by the University of Virginia.

In the recent past there have been some C&EN editorials with strong political content, which were correctly criticized by many ACS members. The trend seems to continue with your reference to the party affiliaton of Cuccinelli.

I support the position of UVA in its defense of academic freedom to conduct research and to report on the conclusions arrived at. That others may disagree with the methodologies employed and/or the conclusions reported should not be subjected to political witch-hunting. Assigning a political affilation to Cuccinelli detracted from the discussion here on the real issues.

Benton R. Leach
High Point, N.C.

Editor’s note: C&EN publishes the party affiliation of all elected public officials whose names appear in the magazine. In Virginia, the attorney general is an elected official. None of the other individuals named in the story hold elected office.

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