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Volume 89 Issue 15 | p. 3 | Letters
Issue Date: April 11, 2011

It Is Rocket Science

Department: Letters

Perchlorate is an oxidizer and not a constituent of rocket fuel (C&EN, Feb. 7, page 6). Rocket fuel combines with an oxidizer to release energy. Perchlorate, or more accurately ammonium perchlorate, is combined with a fuel, such as aluminum, in a polymeric binder to produce a solid rocket propellant.

Shame on you, and your first name 
is Chemical. You have perpetuated the same error as the mainstream media. 
I would expect it of them, but not of C&EN.

I don’t doubt that perchlorate in drinking water needs regulating, but let’s get the terminology straight.

Kendall Randolph
Hillsboro, Va.

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