Volume 89 Issue 22 | p. 58 | ACS Comments
Issue Date: May 30, 2011

Redefining The Kilogram And Mole

By Peter F. Rusch, Chair, Committee On Nomenclature, Terminology & Symbols
Department: ACS News
Keywords: ACS Comment, standards, ACS committees, SI units, kilogram, mole

Because of the possible mass change of the international prototype kilogram—the last of the International System of Units (SI) base units still defined by a physical artifact—the metrology community proposed a redefinition of the kilogram. This proposal led to a recommendation to redefine other SI base units, including the kelvin, ampere, and mole. Definitions of the second, meter (or metre), and candela will remain unchanged, although they will be worded differently. The new “fixed constant” . . .

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