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Volume 89 Issue 27 | p. 4 | Letters
Issue Date: July 4, 2011

More On Limonene

Department: Letters
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C&EN is working on a story about career opportunities for chemists in quality assurance and quality control in the drug development arena. If you have recently started a new job in this area, C&EN would like to hear about your new position and how you landed it. If you would be willing to share your story, please contact Susan Ainsworth at as soon as possible.

To follow up on Eric Ressner’s letter (C&EN, June 6, page 4), IUPAC (per its 1996 report, “Basic Terminology of Stereochemistry”) strongly discourages the use of d- and l- to denote optical rotation of enantiomers and recommends that (+) and (-) be used, respectively. Therefore: (+)-limonene.

By Michael Matson

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