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Issue Date: July 11, 2011

Antibiotic Use In Farm Animals

Department: Letters

I judge the use of “staggeringly stupid,” “so stupid,” “no-brainer,” and “dumb,” even on the editorial page, to be purposely denigrating to many chemists and scientists on the opposite side of the argument regarding antibiotic use in food-producing animals (C&EN, June 6, page 5).

The editorial reminded me of an axiom that usually pertains to high school debate: If someone resorts to name-calling, it probably means they do not have any data or facts on which to base an argument. There are numerous controlled studies, refereed publications, and much data on both sides.

I remind myself that the editorial page is meant for opinion expression. However, the name of the publication is Chemical & Engineering News, hence my expectations are different for this editorial page. My suggestion is that the disclaimer on this page be changed to, “Views expressed on this page are those of the author and are not necessarily based on science.”

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will mention that I work in R&D for a veterinary pharmaceutical company and have been an ACS member for 39 years.

By Leland P. Vickers
Shawnee, Kan.

I strongly applaud your editorial “None Too Bright.” One of the marks of a true leader is his or her willingness to stand up and call a spade a spade. You clearly qualify; too bad so few in our government qualify.

By Lou Floyd
Independence, Ohio

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