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Volume 89 Issue 6 | p. 4 | Letters
Issue Date: February 7, 2011

Mnemonic Device For Chemistry

Department: Letters

“Experimental Evidence for ‘Hyperaromaticity,’ ” on the contribution of hyperconjugation to aromaticity, lends itself to a convenient mnemonic device that I have used in an introductory organic chemistry lecture to help students remember the following challenging terms (C&EN, Dec. 6, 2010, page 36). Such aromatics should be expected to react by electrophilic substitution reactions. Words begin with the first 13 letters of the alphabet:
Arenium Benzenoid Compounds
Don Electrophilic Fragrances.
Go on:
Hyperaromatized Ions.
Just Krazy!
Lauded Mulliken.

Pasquale Di Raddo
Big Rapids, Mich.

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