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Volume 90 Issue 24 | p. 43
Issue Date: June 11, 2012

Shimadzu's GCMS-TQ8030

Department: Science & Technology
News Channels: Analytical SCENE
Keywords: mass spectrometry, instruments, ASMS
Credit: Shimadzu
A photo of the Shimadzu GCMS-TQ8030.
Credit: Shimadzu

Shimadzu launched three new triple-quadrupole mass spec systems, two for LC/MS and one for GC/MS. The instruments are designed to keep up with high-speed separations such as those achieved by Shimadzu’s Nexera UHPLC system. The LCMS-8040 incorporates improved ion optics and collision cell technology. It achieves scan speeds of 15,000 daltons per second, enables 555 MRM (multiple-reaction monitoring) transitions per second, and switches between positive- and negative-ion modes in 15 milliseconds. Several features of the LCMS-8080 contribute to its high sensitivity: The coaxial hot gas source design improves ionization, hot-source-induced desolvation eliminates neutral contaminants, and laminar flow technology efficiently transmits ions to the detector. On the GC side, the GCMS-TQ8030 has a scan speed of 20,000 Da/s, which is fast enough to monitor 600 MRM transitions per second or to use the system with two-dimensional gas chromatography.

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