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Nine Decades Of The Central Science

September 9, 2013 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 91, Issue 36

Many of the subjects in the crossword puzzle commissioned for the C&EN 90th anniversary are covered regularly in C&EN, including several topics drawn from this week’s special commemorative issue. The puzzle was constructed by University of Minnesota chemistry professor George Barany  with the help of members of a virtual group of puzzle enthusiasts and C&EN staff. Those who helped with this puzzle are listed below the clues. To work the puzzle online, go to To download a PDF of the puzzle click here. To download a PDF of the solutions, click here. For other Team Barany puzzles, as well as short biosketches of its members, visit

Click image to work puzzle online



    1. Italian lover's coo
    6. Flame-fancying flier
    10. ___-jongg
    13. Meadow moisture
    16. Irish-born character actor Milo

    17. Alternative to gray scale 18. Length times height, for parallelograms
    19. A nitrile linker?
    20. Bohr-ing basis for Schrödinger's cat?
    23. Voice below soprano
    24. Israeli-made weapons
    25. Classic marquee gas
    26. Govt. grp. currently directed by Harold Varmus
    27. "Pippi Longstocking" creator Lindgren
    29. It stretches from Iberia to Siberia
    31. "The King and I" kingdom
    32. Vehicles for Duke Ellington
    33. Field that provides confirmations of life conformations
    37. Scheele (1784) crystallized citric acid from these
    41. Not us
    42. Fancy-schmancy
    43. Med. sch. subj.
    44. Johnny ___, last major-league pitcher to face Babe Ruth and first to face Jackie Robinson
    45. Baba ___ (Gilda Radner's SNL character)
    47. It is mostly granulated silicon dioxide
    51. Really small field
    55. Alarmed one?
    57. Garam ___ (Indian spice mixture)
    58. Bigfoot's shoe size?
    59. Bahamas vacation spot
    60. Calvin or B, familiarly
    61. Produce protection
    63. Alamos preceder
    64. Go ballistic
    67. PowerPoint presentation pieces
    69. Einstein, Lewis, Pauling, or Woodward, e.g.
    71. One of its two possible isomers is normal
    73. Change a scientific manuscript or grant proposal
    74. Safe, sustainable studies at 560 nm?
    79. Before: Abbr.
    80. Abbr. on some invitations
    81. Former Israeli prime minister Barak or Olmert
    82. Head of France
    83. Old MacDonald's refrain
    86. It may be bound by a porphyrin
    87. Grazing ground
    89. Its products may be in the pipeline
    95. Mary Tyler Moore's old boss
    96. They might be tight or loose
    97. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, ___ (eponyms for 85-Down #92 to 95)
    102. Insistence on precise standards
    103. Pooh's pal
    104. New York theater award
    106. Arabic for "commander"
    107. Ella Fitzgerald's singing style
    108. Movement galvanized by Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring"
    113. Grammy-nominated Macy Gray song (2000) or a modest response to kudos
    114. Not diluted
    115. Undergo a transformation
    116. "___ Macabre" (Saint-Saëns work)
    117. Govt. grp. that once subcontracted work to Edward Snowden
    118. Number for 85-Down, 25-Across
    119. Lost buoyancy
    120. Daisy also called a marguerite


    1. Chef's chapeau
    2. Liar Joe in old TV car ads
    3. Win by ___ (prevail, barely)
    4. High I.Q. society
    5. Muesli morsel
    6. Concise note from the boss
    7. Tournament format in chess, golf, or tennis
    8. Behavioral oddity
    9. One-time name of 85-Down that honored Nobelist Otto, who codiscovered nuclear fission with Lise Meitner
    10. Med. technique with contrast agents and "panic buttons"
    11. Agcy. spawned by the Manhattan Project, once chaired by Seaborg
    12. Takes up the challenge
    13. Mexican actress Dolores or Texas site of Laughlin Air Force Base
    14. "Love Me or Leave Me" singer Ruth
    15. Like the smell of pine needles and cedar
    17. Poor paper chromatography outcome, perhaps
    18. Jungian archetype
    19. Job for 89-Down
    21. Curie, Dalton, and Gauss, e.g.
    22. Rent-___ (Hertz or Avis)
    28. Some very popular B'way shows
    30. Lifelong assignment, briefly?
    31. Kind of pad
    32. Start of an incantation
    34. Huntsman home
    35. Hitchcock double feature?
    36. One who may be an expert on intellectual property
    37. Multiple-PC hookup
    38. Pottery worker, on occasion
    39. "Gee whiz!"
    40. Oklahoma tribe
    44. Use an optical reader
    45. Afflictions
    46. Add years to one's life?
    48. Gave the go-ahead
    49. Not as far from
    50. Analgesic or antibiotic, e.g.
    52. Weights of unfilled bottles
    53. Beethoven's "Für ___" 54. Sierra ___, a major producer of diamonds, gold, and titanium
    55. Per ___ (yearly)
    56. Italian director of the MIT Senseable City Lab, whose name is an anagram of "trait"
    60. Sticker shock inducer at the car dealership: Abbr.
    62. "I ___": miner's Valentine's Day message
    63. Physiologist Jacques who discovered artificial parthenogenesis and was the model for Max Gottlieb in Sinclair Lewis' "Arrowsmith"
    65. In the sack
    68. Goal for combinatorial synthesis discovery programs (with "molecular") as well as for a school or workplace
    70. ___-Magnon
    72. Dog star
    75. Lab denizens, stereotypically
    76. ___ En-Lai
    77. Attila's horde
    78. Taxol source
    80. Berliner's quaff
    84. They have their pluses and minuses
    85. 25- or 86-Across, or 9-Down, e.g.
    86. Where it never rains
    87. His head is a large baseball
    88. Pupil's place
    89. It digests proteins at pH 2
    90. Product precursors
    91. "___ Boom-de-ay": vaudeville song
    92. Raise reason, maybe
    93. "Are you ___ out?"
    94. Stigma
    98. Return to equilibrium
    99. Schiff's base, e.g.
    100. Mom to Whitney Houston or to Draco Malfoy
    101. Napoléon's force
    104. Arabian sultanate
    105. Call's partner
    109. Word in some alumnae bios
    110. Beethoven prelude
    111. Class-conscious org.?
    112. Kerfuffle

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