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25 Chemists you should follow on Twitter

A panelist-selected primer for newcomers to the social network

by Dorea Reeser
November 7, 2017

Credit: Shutterstock/C&EN
Twitter bird speaks chemistry.
Credit: Shutterstock/C&EN

We’re excited it’s #Realtimechem Week—seven whole days meant to encourage chemists to share their chemistry through tweets. You can join the conversation by adding the hashtag #Realtimechem to your Twitter posts and following @realtimechem.

To celebrate, C&EN has compiled a list of molecularly minded scientists worth following on Twitter. These folks, all of whom are trained chemists currently practicing chemistry (our requirements to be on the list), contribute meaningfully to the discussion of the central science online.

C&EN chose the illustrious chemists on this list by constructing a panel of experts—a fine group of chemists worth following in their own right.

You can subscribe to the list of 25 chemists, plus our panelists here.

The list


Carolyn Bertozzi, professor of radiology and of chemical and systems biology at Stanford University


Christopher J. Cramer, professor of chemistry and associate dean at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Christine Le, postdoc in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley


Brian Wagner, professor of physical chemistry at the University of Prince Edward Island


Ed Sherer, predictive sciences process analyst and chemist at Merck


Sujata Kundu, teaching fellow at Imperial College London, presenter at Discovery, and writer at Forbes Science and Standard Issue


Henrik Pedersen, professor of materials chemistry at Linköping University


Debbie Gale, assistant teaching professor of chemistry at the University of Denver


James Batteas, professor of nanochemistry, materials, and biology at Texas A&M University


Lars Öhrström, professor of inorganic chemistry at Chalmers University of Technology


Lee Cronin, Regius Chair of Chemistry and professor of chemistry, nanoscience, and chemical complexity at the University of Glasgow


Luke Gamon, Marie Curie Fellow in Protein Oxidation at the University of Copenhagen


Madison Fletcher, postdoc in chemical biology at the University of California, Irvine


Nadine Borduas, postdoc in atmospheric chemistry at ETH Zurich


David K. Smith, professor of supramolecular and nanochemistry, medicine, and materials at the University of York and YouTube chemist


Saiful Islam, professor of battery and solar cell materials chemistry at the University of Bath


Sarah Reisman, professor of natural product synthetic chemistry at California Institute of Technology


Sarah Cady, associate scientist of NMR at the Chemical Instrumentation Facility of Iowa State University


Matthew Hartings, professor of inorganic and food chemistry at American University and author of the book "Chemistry in Your Kitchen"


Andrea Sella, professor of inorganic chemistry at University College London, television and radio broadcaster at the BBC, and author of Sella the Chemist blog


Fraser Stoddart, professor of mechanostereochemistry at Northwestern University, 2016 #ChemNobel


Stephani Page, postdoc in pharmacology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Toria Stafford, Ph.D. student in chemistry at the University of Manchester


Vittorio Saggiomo, professor of microfluidics, microfabrication and sensors at Wageningen University & Research and author of Labsolutely blog, YouTube chemist


Vy Dong, professor of organic chemistry at the University of California, Irvine, and a host of #VMDchats with scientists



Chemjobber, industry chemist and author of the Chemjobber blog


Jason Woolford, publishing editor with the Royal Society of Chemistry, founder of #RealTimeChem and author of Doctor Galactic & The Lab Coat Cowboy blog


Dorea Reeser, audience engagement editor at C&EN, cohost of The Collapsed Wavefunction podcast, author at Chemicals Are Your Friends blog, and guest blogger at Scientific American


Raychelle Burks, professor of forensic science and chemistry at St. Edward's University, author of Scientopia blog, coorganizer of SciPop Talks, writer at Chemistry World, and appearances on Outrageous Acts of Science, ACS Reactions videos, and Royal Society of Chemistry podcasts


François-Xavier Coudert, computational chemist at the National Center for Scientific Research and Chimie ParisTech


Jillian Buriak, professor of chemistry at the University of Alberta, Canadian research chair of nanomaterials for energy, and editor-in-chief of Chemistry of Materials


Andy Brunning, chemistry educator and creator of Compound Interest and Chemunicate


Nessa Carson, synthetic organic chemist in the UK


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